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Sony URX-S03D

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UWP-D portable two-channel wireless receiver

Available Versions

URXS03D/14: Operates in UHF-TV Channels 14-25

URXS03D/25: 536.125MHz to 607.875MHz (UHF-TV channels 25 – 36)

The URX-S03D is the first two-channel portable receiver in the UWP-D Series that fits directly in the slot of Sony XDCAM and HDCAM camcorders. Working with the UTX-B03HR belt-pack transmitter, the system features easy channel setting functions, advanced functionality for stable RF transmission and Digital Audio Processing technology ensuring high-quality sound. With advanced usability with Sony XDCAM and HDCAM camcorders, it also works seamlessly with Sony 800 and UWP Series transmitters.

Digital Audio Processing for high quality sound

Stable RF transmission

Great usability with Sony XDCAM and HDCAM camcorders

Easy channel setting

Wide frequency coverage with choice of channels available

Robust metal body

Weatherproof structure

Selectable squelch

Compatible with a wide range of Sony camcorders

Can access 2,772 frequencies

True diversity reception system for stable receptionWireless microphone transmission systems are typically subject to interruptions in reception (RF signal dropout), but the UWP-D series reduces this to a minimum. Utilizing a true diversity reception system, it achieves highly stable reception because of its two receiving antennas, each with RF circuits. RF signals from the two antennas are compared and the stronger signal is automatically selected for output.

Sony Digital Audio Processing for high quality soundThe UWP-D Series wireless microphone systems uses Sony Digital Audio Processing to improve sound quality and transient response performance compared to conventional analog wireless systems. It provides superb transient response performance. Analog companding systems cannot accurately reproduce sounds such as a bell, tee shot or handclap, but Sony Digital Audio Processing reproduces them faithfully.

Direct digital connection to camcordersThe URX-S03D provides two-channel (with XDCAM camcorders) and single-channel (with HDCAM camcorders) digital connection via a D-sub 15-pin interface. With HDCAM camcorders, two audio signals from two transmitters can be output in the single channel as a two-channel mixing function. Sony camcorders can also show each wireless microphone’s RF/AF level in the viewfinder.

Automatic channel setting modeThe Auto Set channel mode allows the user to find and set available frequencies to use within the operating frequencies of the system. The receiver will automatically set the transmitter channel using the IR Sync feature.

Fast and easy channel scanWith its Clear Channel Scan, Active Channel Scan function and IR Sync features, the system detects unoccupied channels and selects the most appropriate channel automatically for fast and easy system setup.

Compatibility with Sony 800 and UWP SeriesDSP enables a digital compander to match Sony’s analog wireless system. The WP-D Series transmitters and receivers are also compatible with Sony’s WL-800 Series and UWP Series, allowing users to switch between different companding modes.

Wide frequency coverageThe extra wide switching bandwidth covers a wide area, with a wide choice of channels available-please refer to product specifications for more information.

PLL Synthesized SystemAchieves stable transmission and reception by using a UHF PLL (Phase Locked Loop) frequency synthesized system, which provides accurate carrier signal frequencies. This system is used in both the transmitters and tuners, so that a stable carrier is generated at the transmitter, and accurately tuned in at the tuner. This PLL-controlled system provides highly stable, user-selectable frequencies in increments of both 25kHz and 125 kHz.