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Panasonic TY-VK55LV2

Call for price

Magnetic Frame Mount for 55-inch Video Wall Mount

Panasonic is pleased to announce the TY-VK55LV2, the latest version of our magnetic frame mount for 55-inch video wall displays. These mounts utilize a rigid frame which is designed to simplify alignment and save time during installation. These mounts also include magnets which are placed on the corners of adjoining displays to hold them in place and keep alignment after install is completed.

The TY-VK55LV2 is compatible with models TH-55LFV50U, TH-55LFV5U, TH-55LFV60U, TH-55LFV6U, TH-55LFV70U, TH-55VF1HU, and TH-55LFV8U.