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Sony BKM-17R

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Monitor Control Unit

Monitor Control Unit ideal for BVM Series monitors including BVM-E251/E171

The 19-inch rack-mountable BKM-17R monitor control unit gives you control of the BVM-E251/E171 Series monitor. It can also control the BVM-X Series*, BVM-E series*, BVM-F series*, BVM-L Series*, PVM-L series* and PVM-X550*. A USB memory is used for storing captured data.

One BKM-17R can control up to 32 BVM monitors.

*The supplied AC adaptor of the BKM-17R must be used when you need to connect it with these monitors except the BVM-E251 or E171.

Modular Monitor Control Unit

The control unit for the BVM-E251/E171 Series monitor. It also can control the BVM-X Series, BVM-E series, BVM-F series, BVM-L Series, PVM-L series and PVM-X Series*. The Monitor Control Unit can be attached below the BVM-E251/E171 monitor using the optional Controller Attachment Stand (BKM-37H, BKM-38H or BKM-39H), or connected remotely via an Ethernet cable.

* When using this unit with the monitors except BVM-E251 and E171, use the supplied AC adaptor.

USB memory

A USB memory is used for storing a captured data, exchanging setting data of the monitor to another BVM-E251 or E171 monitor and updating them.**

** Captured data and setting data of the monitor cannot be exchanged with other monitors except the BVM-E251/E171 and neither can firmware updates be exchanged.

19-inch EIA standard rack-mountable

The rack mount brackets and screws are supplied.