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Call for price

LTO Server

LTFS-based media archiving server that supports LTO-8/LTO-7 tapes. Reading and writing of files on LTO tape is possible via FTP from Windows or macOS computers. Ensures high-capacity archiving and backup in the 4K era.

Stores up to 12 TB of uncompressed video and audio media on LTO-8 tapes.

High-speed file I/O via built-in Gigabit Ethernet. 10 GbE optional (RJ-45 or SFP+)

Fast data backup from external storage (via USB 3.0, or from NAS)

Copy to up to two destinations at once (LTO+USB 3.0 or LTO+NAS).

Verify function to ensure successful copying.

Can write while maintaining folder structures compatible with the LTR series,

or folder structures of the destination (via USB 3.0, or to NAS).

Auto-generation of proxy video during archiving (optional)

Multiple codecs supported (optional)