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Sony PMW-1000

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XDCAM HD422 Recording Deck

The PMW-1000 is a compact dual SxS Memory card recorder/player which provides outstanding picture quality of MPEG HD422. It can be set to record/playback 50 Mbps MPEG HD422 MXF files on UDF formatted cards created by the PMW-100/160/200/400 and PMW-500 memory camcorders. The new deck is equipped with a linear ingest & edit capabilities like our Professional Disc recorders. XAVC Intra HD Record/Playback (1080/29.97P, 25P, 23.98P) is supported in addition to XDCAM format. The PMW-1000 can with future upgrade of F5/F55, playback high-speed recorded contents in slow motion and playback/record content recorded by F5/F55. Furthermore, the Gigabit Ethernet interface enables file transfer via network without a PC in both HD422 and XAVC HD operation. With its large 4.3-inch LCD and built-in speaker, it performs as a versatile and high-quality recorder which is suitable for both in-house and field operations. It comes equipped with a multi-format up/down converter, which is highly useful when employing both HD- and SD-format materials at the same time.

Multi-format Capability: HD (XAVC, MPEG HD422, and MPEG HD420) and SD (MPEG IMX50/40/30*2 and DVCAM)
Tape-like operation: RS-422 control, Jog/Shuttle control
Clip Copy to Commodity Storage (USB HDD) without PC
Variety of Interface: Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T), HDMI