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Z3 Technology Z3-DME-01

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SKU: Z3-DME-01

Cost Optimized Digital Media Encoder

The Z3-DME-01 is a cost optimized Digital Media Encoder. This solution works in multiple applications, such as low cost broadcast encoders, satellite uplink, HD security video server, industrial applications and remote monitoring. The Z3-DME-01 provides an easy-to-use HTTP-based GUI interface which allows the user remote access to the system for configuration and software updates.
The Z3-DME-01 features multiple interfaces, such as HD-SDI, ASI, Composite Video and Ethernet.

SD/HD resolutions up to 1920×1080, including 1080i, 1080p30 and 720p60
Standard Definition encoding for ISDB-T, DVB-H, and other standards
Video Inputs: HD-SDI, Composite
Output Interfaces: ASI and IP over Ethernet
SD Card interface for local storage and firmware updates
RS232 serial port for configuration and control
186mm x 123mm x 29mm

H.264 High Profile encode up to 1080i at 60fps
Supports H.264 BP, MP, HP
Supports MPEG-4 SP and MPEG-2 (optional*)
Input video re-sizer supports 1/2, 2/3 and 3/4 ofstandard resolutions
Supports AAC stereo audio
Outputs RTP or MPEG-2 Transport Stream
Low latency encode mode (optional*)
Web server – Configuration and software updates
RS232 serial port for configuration and control