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Wohler VMQ-4

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4-channel analog audio monitor designed for intercom applications. Activity lights and mute for each channel.

The VMQ-4 audio monitor permits simultaneous monitoring of up to four audio sources on four analog inputs with ‘voice quality’ fidelity in a 1U rack-size.

Because each channel has its own dedicated power amplifier and speaker, the audio sources remain completely separate from analog input to output.

When listening within ‘Ultra Near Field’ distances of 1 to 3 feet, these discrete speaker outputs provide enhanced source distinction when compared to designs with four inputs mixed into a single output.

A separate volume control is provided for each of the four monitored channels.

Also, each channel has an LED, which illuminates when a signal is ‘active’ in that channel.

This allows the operator to easily determine which VMQ-4 channels are currently active, and is very helpful when quick volume adjustments are required.

Separate mute buttons are provided for each channel.

These together with an LED that indicates channel muting allows the operator to instantly mute one or more channels and determine, at a glance which channels are muted.

A stereo headphone jack has channels 1 and 2 summed on the left side, and channels 3 and 4 on the right side.

The VMQ series is fully magnetically shielded to allow operation immediately adjacent to all CRT video monitors.

Its light weight and shallow-depth chassis make it ideal for use in portable and mobile vehicle applications.