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Wohler VMDA-SUM8

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8-channel analog/digital continuity monitor

The VMDA-SUM8 analog/digital summing audio monitor provides self-powered, stereo or monaural monitoring in a 1U rack-size and depth of only 4.5 inches.

A total of eight monaural or four stereo channels may be summed together and monitored from the two speakers on the front panel.

The user may select either digital AES/EBU or standard analog audio input sources for each of the eight input channels to be monitored.

The unit may be configured for stereo (four stereo channels) or monaural (eight mono channels) operation by setting an internal jumper.

In stereo mode, input channels 1, 3, 5, and 7 are summed to the left speaker and channels 2, 4, 6, and 8 are summed to the right speaker.

In mono mode all eight channels are summed monaurally across both speaker channels.

Eight volume controls on the front panel allow separate adjustment of each channel in the summing mix and a recessed trim pot on the front panel serves as a master volume control for all eight selected channels.

The front panel also features a power indication LED and headphone output jack.

The rear panel features the analog inputs on a DB-25 connector and the AES digital inputs on four female BNC connectors.

Termination is selectable for each of the four digital inputs. The unit is powered by an included external power supply.