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Sony XVS-7000

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SKU: XVS-7000

HD video switcher with 4K and IP live production capabilities

Flexible switcher for HD live production operations upgradable for 4K and IP at any time

The latest generation XVS-7000 HD video switcher delivers massive benefits in terms of flexibility and operability for top end production, giving you the ability to realize a powerful mixed environment with SDI and IP. The switcher features 6 M/E, 112 inputs, 48 assignable outputs and format convertor outputs, plus up to 24 keyers.

According to your production environment and workflow requirements, the XVS-7000 is upgradable to enable simultaneous 4K and HD operation with powerful 4K features, as well as IP and SDI mixed production capabilities.

IP Live switcher

Powerful 4K switcher

Combined IP and SDI operations

Built-in Format Conversion

Beautiful, flexible, modular Control Panel

Increased Memory Resources

Data Management Software

Virtual Shot Box control from Tablet or PC

Color correction for inputs and outputs

Supports Networked Media Interface (NMI)

The XVS-7000 supports the Networked Media Interface (NMI), developed by Sony and some of the world’s leading broadcast industry organizations. NMI combines the latest IP network technologies with a current SDI standard interface to support any resolution of video transmission. While conventional systems require multiple different types of cables to carry various signal types (video, audio, reference, metadata and control data), NMI requires only a single standard network cable passing through conventional network switches.

Upgradable to 4K operations

The XVS-7000 is easily upgradable to 4K production, allowing users to adapt the switcher as their workflows demand it. The processors of the XVS-7000 can be configured to suit the exact needs of each particular user in terms of operation, resolution, frame rate, number of I/Os, number of M/E banks, and more. All inputs and outputs can be assignable for 4K. The switcher allows up and down format conversion between 4K, HD and SD. 4K CG wipe is also available.

6 M/E for large HD production systems

6 M/E functionality enables you to operate with different video formats per M/E, allowing 4K and HD simultaneous operation.

112 inputs and 48 assignable outputs for HD

All inputs and assignable outputs can have format converter capability depending on the Input and Output option configuration. An additional format converter outputs* and 2 multi-viewer outputs are also available.

* The number of additional Format Converter outputs depends on format selection, from 4 to 16.

8 full keyers are available

8 full keyers with 2.5D resizer and chroma key are available, as well as additional Sub Keyers* with linear and luminance key.

* Sub Keyer is another keyer which can do Linear and Lum Keying for 4K content

Enhanced frame memory system with HD CG wipe

HD CG wipe is available, together with audio. The processor has an enhanced frame memory system, whereby instant recall of up to 5,000 frames (equivalent to an approx. 160 seconds movie) are available as source. Additionally, more frames are directly available from the embedded large capacity SSD drive.

Variety video format support

4K 2SI/SQD, 3G Level-A/B

1080/59.94p, 50p, 23.98p

1080/59.94i, 50i


Flexible X-Panel assignable modular design

The ICP-X7000 X-Panel offers very flexible panel configuration with a modular style design, OLED display, RGB XPT buttons and LCD button pad. The button layout is also re-designed. The X-Panel has a flexible mounting style for flat or curved mounting, or even for splitting into two positions. XPT FlexiPad allows function mapping customization according to your operators’ preferences

Single panel and multi-panel configurations increase your options

With System Interface Unit (SIU) MKS-X2700 or MKS-X7700 as a device controller and Switcher Control Station (SCS) PWS-100SC1, you can operate the switcher as a single panel system or multi-panel system, greatly increasing your options.

More Freedom of control with the Virtual Shot Box

The XVS Series control panel can be partly operated remotely via Ethernet using the web application called Virtual Shot Box. Buttons and functions are customizable so you can assign macro, snapshot, shot box, XPT switching, and other functions as you wish. This web application can be used on any device with a web browser installed with Ethernet connection; this means that wireless operation is also supported using mobile devices.

There are many possibilities using this application. For example, you can use it with the control panel as a shot box or assist the main switcher operator from any location; in addition, the anchor or talent can use it by themselves, switching on-air images from a sports arena and more.

Data Manager for managing switcher data

Improves data management workflow and can reduce show set-up times, as well as making for data back-up and maintenance.