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Sony MVS6530PAC

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3 M/E Affordable HD/SD Multi-format Switcher with Advanced New Control Panel

The new MVS-6500 series switchers inherit an array of features and technologies from the renowned MVS-X switcher series, leveraging years of industry experience at the highest levels. The MVS-6530/6520 models are available in 3 and 2 M/E configurations. Featuring high performance keyers with chroma-key functionality and resizers, color correction and multi-viewer outputs, the new models offer the perfect balance between size and specification. They are ideal for production needs starting at 32 inputs / 16 outputs 2ME (MVS-6520) and up to 48 inputs / 32 outputs 3ME (MVS-6530). The MVS-6530 is equipped with 16 keyers, while the MVS-6520 is equipped with 8 keyers, allowing sophisticated layering from each M/E. Separate from the main fader, each keyer has its own auto-transition controls, which allow users to insert or remove keys on an individual basis with independent wipes, DME wipes, and dissolves. For further flexibility, each keyer in every M/E also offers chroma-keying and color vector keying, eliminating restrictions of selectable key types. These fully-featured M/Es allow total interoperability of effects on all M/Es. The resizer function allows superb simple 2.5D DME effects to be supported through 8 out of 16 keyers of the MVS-6530, and 4 out of 8 keyers of the MVS-6520. A variety of effects such as Mosaic and Defocus can be applied to resized images. All these effects can be created without the use of an external DME, bringing great advantages for both simple operation and minimal system cost. The MVS-6530/6520 switchers possess a rich feature set including a two-channel multi-viewer output, with a choice of 10- or 4-way split display, saving space on additional monitoring plus offering an easier set up and overall cost reduction. Other features include an AUX transition capability that allows users to mix transitions using AUX output, and newly designed ICP-6530/6520 control panels which include color cross-point patterns ideal for grouping and high-visibility OLED source-name displays. These help the operator stay informed at all times of cross-point, button assignments and source type group.

New custom-designed operational control surface
Two mix effects (M/E) busses with four keyers each
Two 2.5D Resizers per M/E
Program Preset (P/P) buss with Eight Keyers
Four Resizers in Program Preset (P/P)
48 Inputs and 32 Outputs
Optional internal format converter (MKS-6550)
Optional Two Channel 3D DME (MKS-6570)
Range of background transition effects
Color Correction for each input and AUX output
Internal eight-channels frame memory
Two channel multi viewer
Extensive memory system for saving and recalling
Intuitive menu operation with custom Sony touch panel GUI
Redundant power supplies for processor and control panel
Aux Mix Capability