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Sony VTK-Z280

Call for price


Sony is pleased to introduce the VTK-Z280 All-in-one Video Transport Kit for the PXW-Z280. Today’s breakneck pace of content delivery is more demanding than ever on the video journalist and freelancer. The VTK-Z280 was designed to aid content creators with a solution providing optimal speed and mobility in a compact design that will stow easily in an overhead aircraft compartment. The VTKZ280 comes equipped with the PXW-Z280 4K 3CMOS handheld camcorder offering the most state of the art in handheld acquisition. The kit comes complete with a shotgun mic, wireless audio, batteries and charger, tripod, and light.

The VTK-Z280 is a fully outfitted turn-key solution for content creators in any run and gun ENG or production application.

Kit Description:

Video The centerpiece of the kit is the PXW-Z280 professional handheld camcorder. The PXW-Z280 is a 4K HDR camcorder that incorporates an improved 1/2-type Exmor 4K 3CMOS sensor. As the successor of PXW-X200, the PXW-Z280 has many new and unique features that offer a deep depth of field and class-leading performance. Features include HLG and S-Log3, Advanced Face Detection AF, a 17x professional zoom lens with three independent control rings with end-stop, 12G-SDI, and built-in electronic Variable ND Filters. The PXW-Z280 supports multiple recording formats including XAVC Intra/Long for 4K QFHD and HD, as well as MPEG HD422, MPEG HD and DVCAM.

The PXW-Z280 is also equipped with 5GHz and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, so you can simply connect to your preferred network to enable a host of advanced wireless features. Stream high quality QoS video/audio to a Sony PWS110RX1 Network RX station (sold separately). Transfer high quality XAVC (QFHD/FHD) and proxy MPEG HD 422/420 files back to your facility via FTP, even while shooting. If the connection is interrupted, the file transfers will automatically resume upon reconnection. The PXW-Z280 can also be hardwired to a network via its built in RJ45 Lan port, allowing for streaming or file transfer over a wired connection. Finally, Sony’s free mobile app, Content Browser Mobile (CBM), enables smartphone or tablet control of the PXW-Z280 (iOS 9.0 – 10.3 or Android 4.4 through 7.1) via a Wi-Fi connection*. CBM features include one-touch authentication enabled with NFC compatible mobile devices, camera control and configuration, metadata editing on a storyboard, browse and upload clips, live logging (essence marks), and hi-res & proxy clips trim and transfer.

*Wi-Fi operation cannot be guaranteed with all smartphones and tablet computers.

Audio Included in the kit is Sony’s UWP-D series UHF synthesized wireless microphone system. Package includes a dual channel portable receiver, lavalier microphone, bodypack transmitter, handheld interview microphone, and plug-on transmitter. The UWP-D series includes robust metal construction, mic/line input selection on the bodypack transmitter, a miniature metal body omni-directional microphone and the receiver includes a convenient auto channel scanning function allowing automatic search for unoccupied channels. Two channel shoe mount adapter for camcorder included.

Lighting The kit also contains an ‘on-camera’ LED video light. The light is dimmable, MI Shoe controllable, and is even cool to the touch. It also uses the same rechargeable batteries that the camera uses.

TripodA heavy duty video tripod is included for not only keeping the camera steady during interview shots, for example, but also allows for making smooth pans and tilts through the use of a fluid tripod head.

Video TransportThe video transport bag is designed with wheels and is carry-on compatible for optimal portability, all while protecting your gear. Included with the bag is a rain cover and work mat. This bag provides a lightweight and easy on-the-go storage solution for the equipment provided in this kit.

AccessoriesCables, batteries and charger, lens cleaning kit, and other accessory items that you’ll need to take full advantage of this portable camera production package are included.