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Sony HSC-100R

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Multiformat Camera System

HSC-100R Digital triax camera (Successor of the HXC-100)

The HSC-100R is HD studio and system camera system that is equipped with three 2/3′ CCD imagers and offers low-latency digital Triax transmission at 1080 @ 59.94i/50i and 720 @ 59.94P/50P. Utilizing the new imagers, 16-bit A/D and DSP LSI, the picture performance of the camera system has greatly been improved from its predecessor, HXC-100K.

2/3′ CCD imager
16-bit A/D conversion and DSP LSI
1.5G digital Triax operation
Versatile system configuration with HSCU-300R
Robust magnesium-alloy casting body
Position-adjustable shoulder pad
Focus assist functions

Linear Multi-matrix
In addition to the 6-axis matrix function, the cameras have a multi-matrix function that permits adjustment of the Hue and Chroma color components in 16-axis directions independently. This is quite useful for color matching among multiple cameras.
Linear Color Saturation
This function is to digitally control the total picture saturation from the camera menu.
Color Saturation can also be controlled from the RCP/MSU for color matching and Adjustment.
Adaptive Matrix
This function controls the calculation factors for performing accurate color conversion when shooting.
This makes precise color conversion possible even when shooting under conditions that would otherwise exceed the color conversion range of traditional matrix functions, such as under strong monochromatic blue light sources.

Selectable Hyper Gamma
HyperGamma is designed to provide powerful contrast handling by making maximum use of the capacity and wide dynamic range of the CCD imager.
Skin-tone detail
This function allows adjustment (emphasis or suppression) of the detail level for a specific hue or chroma area in the image, such as human skin tones.
Selection of multiple gamma tables
Seven types of standard and four types of hyper gamma tables are available. The hyper gamma values enable cinema-like image creation with wide dynamic range.
Knee saturation
Hue and chroma in highlighted areas can be adjusted to reproduce natural human skin tones under strong lighting conditions.
Low key saturation
Saturation can be compensated for in low-key zones.
Auto lens aberration compensation
The Auto Lens H and V Aberration Compensation (ALAC) function automatically reduces chromatic aberration due to magnification when a lens that supports auto aberration compensation is attached.
Focus assist functions
Various functions are provided for in the VF detail signal, which can be added only on images on the viewfinder screen, in order to facilitate focusing, such as:
Coloring the VF detail signal
Thickening the VF detail signal
Automatically compensating for the VF detail level according to zoom position
Focus assist indicator. The focusing level indicator in the viewfinder provides a guide for focusing thus the best focus setting can be easily obtained.
Triax cable operation distance
1200m with 14.5? cable (HSC-100R)
Supplied accessories
Operation manual (1)
Cable clamp belt (1 se