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Sony VPL-SW631

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Available Models
VPL-SW631CM: 3300 Lm WXGA UST Projector (Interactive) w/mount
VPL-SW631M: 3300 Lm WXGA UST Projector w/ mount0
VPL-SX631M: 3300 Lm XGA UST Projector w/ mount

Sony is pleased to announce the introduction of new VPL-S631 series Ultra Short Throw projector line. These projectors are ideal for a range of business and education applications, providing very bright, vibrant images in with flexible installation capability. Designed with a sleek and stylish look, these short throw models provide outstanding picture quality and value. The new models are VPL-SX631M (3,300lm/XGA), VPL-SW631M (3,300lm/WXGA) and the VPL-SW631CM (3,300lm/WXGA/Interactive) and replace the VPL-SX630M, VPL-SW630M and the VPL-SW630CM respectively with brighter light output. The new projectors have extremely short throw projection capabilities – a 100-inch image can be achieved from just 22 inches distance from the screen (24 inches for the VPL-SW631M/SW631CM). This makes the projectors great fit for teaching and training as the presenter will not be glared from the projection light and eliminates shadow on the image. The projectors can also be ideal solution where projection space is limited. The VPL-SW631CM also features a dual pen interactive system. This system allows for an interactive presentation which can make presentations and learning more engaging. The new projectors ship with wall mount kit with intuitive pitch/yaw/roll/zoom adjustment capability.

Ultra Short Throw projection
With the ultra short throw lens that gives a throw ratio of 0.27:1, the VPL-SX631 series is capable of projecting 80 wide screen from extremely short 17.5 (18.5 for VPL-SW631). It helps to reduce glare of presenter, or reduce the space to reproduce a large image.

Superb Image Quality & Rich Color Reproduction
Sony’s genuine Bright Era 3LCD panels create a brilliant 3300lm color light output (3300lm for VPL-SW631). Not only bright, the projectors incorporate multiple technologies for greater viewing experience. 12-bit 3D Digital Gamma Correction circuit helps reproducing smooth gradations.
Long lasting lamp
With Sony’s unique lamp-driving technology, the expected lamp life can go up to 10,000h, depending on the lamp mode selected (see specifications section for details)

Auto lamp dimming
The lamp works intelligently to reduce energy consumption. In the event the projectors are left powered while not in use, they automatically detect no change of signal input and will dim the lamp as low as 30 percent of original brightness to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Network Presentation
Users can project images over a wired LAN or a wireless network using supplied Network Presentation software. Projector can simultaneously display computer images from up to 4 different sources. Optional USB dongle (IFU-WLM3) is required for wireless projection. See specification page for the detailed software requirements.
Tablet /Smart Phone Presentation
This functionality allows for the quick and easy presentation directly from one’s tablet or phone. Users of PC’s and smart devices can present at the same time. The application software can be found at The iOS and Android version are available. Charges may apply.

Interactivity (VPL-SW631CM only)
The VPL-SW630CM offer simultaneous dual-touch interactive annotation on the projection screen with the use of supplied pen devices and drawing software. The interactive pens work as computer mouse or writing device during virtual whiteboard mode. In a classroom environment, they allow users to easily incorporate many third party curriculum software products to launch interactive lessons. In a corporate environment, instant communication space can be established using virtual whiteboard mode. Automatic pen calibration feature saves setup hassles.

Standard Accessories
Wall Mount Kit
RM-PJ8 Remote Commander
CR2025 battery
CD-ROM, Quick
Reference Manual
AC Power Cord
Warranty Card
Interactive pens (VPL-SW631CM only)