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Sony PAM650DS

Call for price

Projector Mount System(Black)

Sony is pleased to announce the introduction of this new mount system. This system is designed for use with the VPL-FHZ6x, FWZ6x, and FH6x &FW6x series of projectors. This double stack system enables the use of 2 projectors to easily create a bight image with the peace of mind of having a redundant projection system. The PAM-650DS has a low profile design with less than 22 of total height with projectors installed. This mount system coupled with the VPL-F6x series’ low noise level provides a bright solution that takes little space and is very quiet as compared to other typical high brightness solutions.

The new system has pitch yaw and tilt mechanical adjustments, and when coupled with the VPL-F6x series’ advanced geometric adjustments, an exact overlay of images can easily and quickly be obtained. The PAM-650DS can be used in either ceiling or floor orientation applications. For ceiling mount applications, the PAM-650DS is compatible with market-available 1.5 NPT poles.

Compatible Projectors : VPL-FHZ65, FHZ60, FHZ57, FH65, FH60, FWZ65, FWZ60, FW65 and FW60

*Not compatible with the VPLL3003 optional lenses