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Sony LMD-B240

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24-inch (diag.) cost-effective, lightweight basic grade Full HD IPS LCD monitor for versatile use

End-Users who purchase a LMD-B240 qualify for a $200.00 Instant RebateExpires March 31, 2020

Lightweight and slim Full HD (1920 x 1080) LMD-B Series monitor with an excellent cost-performance ratio and unique SDI and HDMI sync-free side by side configurations. The LMD-B240 23.8-inch (diag.) LMD-B Series lightweight and compact IPS LCD monitor offers Full HD resolution with an improved 709 color space. The LMD-B Series offers convenient features, functions, and the same user-interface design and operability as PVM-A Series OLED and LMD-A Series Premium LCD picture monitors. This consistency between the PVM-A, LMD-A, and LMD-B Series makes it easy for users to work with all three monitors and integrate them in the same work environment. The LMD-B240 offers unique SDI and HDMI sync-free side by side configurations, whereby HD, SD, different frame rates, interlace, PsF, and progressive pictures can by displayed on the same monitor. The LMD-B Series monitors are a cost-effective and versatile solution for a wide range of professional applications, including DC operation and wall-mounting. The monitor features a user reset function and includes stereo front-mounted speakers and an audio muting function. In addition, the LMD-B240 includes a natural ventilation system meaning no audio disruption from an internal cooling fan, making the monitor highly suitable for video shooting and critical audio operations.

Unique SDI and HDMI sync-free side by side configurations

23.8-inch (diag.) screen size and Full HD resolution

Stylish lightweight and slim body

Simple all-in-one design style with front stereo speakers and natural ventilation system

Easy operation in a group of Sony PVM/LMD monitors

Selected essential functions for basic video operations

Unique SDI and HDMI sync-free side by side configurations

The LMD-B240 offers unique SDI and HDMI sync-free side by side configurations, whereby HD, SD, different frame rates, interlace, PsF, and progressive pictures can by displayed on the same monitor. Squeezed signal and anamorphic aspects are not supported and it offers single settings of EOTF, color temperature and RGB/YCC range. The signal processing latency of the main (left) picture is the same as the full screen. The sub (right) picture has a maximum one frame delay from the main picture, depending on the timing of the signal. Focus assist and camera metadata can work with the main picture when using this function. It allows you to work in a variety of modes, including: blue-only, mono, chrome, bright, contrast, chroma up, focus assist (main picture), focus gain (main picture), and camera metadata (main picture).

Lightweight and compact with lower power consumption

The LMD-B240 has a low mass of 14.33 lb (with stand), 13.89 lb (monitor only) and 42-W (maximum) power consumption.

Optimized low-latency I/P conversion

The I/P conversion system delivers automatically optimized signal processing according to input signals with low-latency (less than 0.5 field). This system helps users to edit and monitor for a live production.

Video input versatility

The LMD-B240 monitor is equipped with built-in standard input interfaces: HD/SD-SDI (x2), HDMI (HDCP) input (x1) and composite (x1).

Computer input versatility

Multiple computer signals can be received via an HDMI/DVI interface; the resolution range is from 640 x 480 to 1680 x 1050 pixels.

Waveform monitor, vector scope, and audio level meter display

An input signal’s waveform and vector scope with an SDI-embedded 2-channel audio level meter can be displayed on screen. The waveform of a specified line can also be displayed. In conjunction with the Picture & Picture function, the waveform monitor and vector scope display can monitor two camera signals. In addition, an audio level meter can display the embedded audio signal from the SDI or HDMI input. It can display on screen the ch1 to ch8 or ch9 to ch16.

Front stereo speakers

2W+2W front stereo speakers are more powerful than a monaural speaker or a rear speaker system and you can get a good stereophonic effect from them. You can select audio sources from either embedded audio or analog audio.

User-friendly operability and user interface

This monitor has an intuitive and appropriate user interface for a video production. You can easily choose an input and a function with a single click. The rotary encoder knob makes it easy to select an item and enter it. The lighted control panel has good readability in dark. This user interface including OSD menu layout is carefully designed for a time critical operation as either a single unit or multiple units, using a variety of Sony professional monitors in one system.

Consistent design with PVM/LMD-A Series monitors

LMD-B240 monitor offers the same functions and operability as PVM-A and LMD-A Series monitors and shares a consistent front control panel design. This means that these types of monitor can be operated and controlled in the same way.

User reset, key inhibit and function key configuration short-cuts

When multiple users share the same monitor, you need to reset it in a quick operation. User reset function quickly returns the unit to the default settings. Key inhibit protects the required settings of it from any inadvertent operations. For improving speed of the function key configuration, the user can take a short-cut to the settings menu screen by simply holding down one of the Function keys.

Camera focus function

The LMD-B240 monitor can control the aperture level of a video signal, and display images on the screen with sharpened edges to help camera focus operation. Further to this, the sharpened edges can be displayed in user-selectable colors (white, red, green, blue, and yellow) for more precise focusing.

Time code function

LTC and VITC time code can be displayed at the top or bottom of the picture.

On-screen tally

The monitor is also equipped with a three-color red, green and yellow on-screen tally function. The position of the tally display can be changed to either the upper or lower section of the screen.

Flip functions

The Flip function turns the reversed image to a normal view, horizontally or vertically.

DC low power indicator

DC power supply is available in the range of 12 V to 17 V. The power indicator blinks when the DC power supply is low.

Wall-mount capability and LMD-A type stand

The LMD-B240 is supplied with an LMD-A type stand. It can also be rack-mounted with the MB-L22 rack mount bracket.

Natural ventilation system

There is no cooling fan inside, making the monitor suitable for video shooting and critical audio operations.