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Sescom IL-19-PRS-GLS

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Inline Professional Audio Hum Eliminator with Switchable Phase Reverse and Ground Lift

Sescom IL-19-PRS-GLS-Inline Professional Audio Hum Eliminator with Switchable Phase Reverse and Ground Lift

The Only Product that Removes All Types of Hum in Live Sound & Pro-Audio Gear is now available with a Phase Switch and Total Ground Lift Switch -In the same form factor! This amazing feature set gives the ability to troubleshoot and repair on the spot without even disconnecting the unit, letting your show go on uninterrupted!

The IL-19-PRS-GLS is the only Bi-Directional XLR device with Phase and Ground Lift Switches -Designed to plug directly into your equipment’s Inputs -or- Outputs!
Designed as a hum eliminating multi-tool, the Sescom IL-19-PRS-GLS with its Phase and Ground Lift Switch is the Industry Standard for instantly troubleshooting and simultaneously repairing audio hum and noise problems in live sound.

Sescom transformers are specifically engineered for flatter and broader frequency response allowing a hotter signal throughput without saturation. Sescom transformers also provide superior protection against radiated noise thus reducing pickup of hum and interference from outside sources such as power supplies. The IL-19-PRS-GLS keeps unwanted signals out of the circuit, but also reduces induced noise providing high-quality line level isolation to eliminate hum and buzz from interacting gear.

Provides Instant Relief For:
– Live Sound Equipment
– Radio & Broadcast Audio
– Line Level Equipment Interface
– Decoupling Lines to Reduce Hum
– Isolating Drive Lines to On-Stage Power Amps
– Long Line Cable Runs

In-line XLR Male to XLR Female Matching Transformer built into a high impact ABS thermoplastic housing.with a Phase Switch and Ground Lift Switch. Features you wanted now at your fingertips by Sescom!

Activation of the IL-19-PRS-GLS is very simple and easy as follows: When the switch toggles are switched toward the female or input side of the unit there is no change and the unit functions straight through exactly like a regular IL-19. When the switch toggles are switched over so that the toggle is toward the male end and also toward the switch labels ‘GSL’/ ‘PRS’ then they are active. The GLS switch is the Ground Lift Switch and when the toggle is over towards the male or output of the device the ground is lifted with no ground connection to the male connector. The PRS is the Phase Reverse Switch and when the toggle is toward the male or output end of the device the phases are then reversed. In this way the SES-PRS-GLS can be used to isolate and diagnose audio problems as a troubleshooting device, and ultimately be left right where it is, inline, letting the show go on, uninterrupted!