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Sachtler SC001

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SKU: SC001

Compact bag with innovative design featuring extra wide opening to hold your camera with accessories attached.

Extra wide opening for rapid access.
Protect your camera with mattebox and microphone attached.
Compact design suitable for travel.
Ergonomic carrying handle and padded shoulder strap.
Removable internal rigid dividers for custom configuration.
Side pockets for additional storage.
Exchangeable logo frame for personal branding.

Internal Length
34 cm
13.4 in
Internal Width
18 cm
7.1 in
Internal Height
22.5 cm
8.9 in
External Length
40 cm
15.7 in
External Width
22 cm
8.7 in
External Height
26 cm
10.2 in
1.9 kg
4.2 lbs