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Portabrace POL-DSLR2

Call for price

The POL-DSLR2/C300 will fit your Canon C100

The New POL-DSLR/C300 modular Polar Cover has a thick layer of padded insulation and is lined with Mylar fabric to reflect heat back towards the camera. Air-activated heat packs (PHP-2 sold separately) can be inserted into interior mesh pockets for extra heat during extreme cold-weather shooting.

Insulated-protection is also provided for the LCD viewfinder, which can be quickly accessed under a Velcro-sealed cover. There’s also a shotgun mic protector and a lens-hood to prevent condensation on the lens when returning indoors. The new modular design works for either standard lens or matte box.

Fully insulated for maximum protection
LCD insulated protection & easy viewing access
Shotgun mic protection
Anti-slip collars form tight seal around lens or matte box
Insulated lens cap prevents lens condensation
Made in the USA
Central tripod access
Made with unique Mylar and Phase-change materials
Long fleece sleeves for operator comfort

Compatible Models
Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera
Canon DSLR Cameras
Hasselblad DSLR Cameras
Mamiya DSLR Cameras
Nikon DSLR Cameras
Olympus DSLR Cameras
Panasonic DSLR Cameras
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4
Pentax DSLR Cameras
Sony DSLR Cameras