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Panasonic TH-70SF2HU

Call for price

70-inch Class LED, 700 cd/m2, 24/7 Operation, DIGITAL LINK, LinkRay Capable

The TH-70SF2H Display boasts 700 cd/m2 brightness making it most effective in environments with high ambient light.

Built in USB media player with content management software for automated playback and scheduling.

The Failover/Failback function can automatically switch to a backup signal when the primary signal is lost ensuring that your message is always displayed.

Support of LinkRay Light ID Transmission Technology for interactive signage communication.

Image Setting – allows image of your choice to be displayed during startup of if no signal is detected.

Flexible installation configuration in supporting landscape, portrait, forward/backward tilt and rotated mounting.

Cloning Function – menu settings can be cloned from a master display to others via USB or LAN.

DIGITAL LINK which allows transmission of video, audio, and control over inexpensive CAT6E cable.

CEC over HDMI support to allow simple control of connected sources.