Call for price

Panasonic PT-RCQ10

Call for price

Light Output: 10,000 lm*1 / 10,500 lm (Center)*2

Resolution: 4,608,000 pixels / 2715 x 1697 dots (With Smooth Pixel Drive: ON)

Available Models

PT-RCQ10: With supplied lens

PT-RCL10L: Without lens


Detailed Images Rich in Natural Colors

Newly developed Rich Color Harmonizer achieves deeper, more vibrant color expression. Combined with Smooth Pixel Drive, a technology that creates crisp yet smooth images using 1-axis wobbling, you can enjoy colorful and highly detailed images beyond the panel resolution.

Seamless Integration with SLOT NX and Full Lens Lineup

With technologies to support 4K playback, including 4K signal input via HDMI, DIGITAL LINK, and optional SLOT NX interface boards, the seamless integration of 4K content is greatly simplified. Compatibility with our 1-Chip DLP lenses, including the ET-DLE020 Ultra-Short-Throw Zoom Lens, further enhances application flexibility.

Excellent Reliability in Tough Conditions

Further improvements to Panasonic’s unique SOLID SHINE Laser cooling system achieve 20,000 hours*3 of maintenance-free operation, all from the same compact body-size as our 1-Chip DLP WUXGA laser models.

*1 Measurement, measuring conditions, and method of notation all comply with ISO/IEC 21118: 2012 international standards. Value is average of all products when shipped.

*2 Average light-output value of all shipped products measured at center of screen in NORMAL Mode.

*3 At this time, brightness will have decreased to approximately 50 % of its original level (Dynamic Contrast Mode [ON]). Panasonic recommends cleaning or checkup at point of purchase after about 20,000 hours. Light-source lifetime may be reduced depending on environmental conditions. Replacement of parts other than the light source may be required in a shorter period.