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Canon REALiS WUX450

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Installation LCOS Projector

The REALiS WUX450 Pro AV Compact Installation LCOS Projector features high performance WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution and a lightweight (13 lbs), compact (13.3′ x 4.6′ x 16.9′) design. With an output of 4500 lumens, 2000:1 contrast ratio and advanced AISYS technology, it delivers outstanding color richness and image brightness and clarity while taking up less space than would be expected by a projector with such powerful performance.

This projector is feature packed for outstanding performance with 4-corner keystone correction, generous lens shift, and controls enabling exacting calibration. The projector lens utilizes Canon’s expertise in lens technology, featuring a fixed F-Stop of f2.8, making possible virtually no brightness loss throughout the zoom range, helping to maximize performance with installation flexibility.

You will have more flexibility in installation as well, thanks to its small footprint, light weight and true versatility your choice of mounting, whether horizontal, vertical or on the ceiling. It is possible to create multi-projector arrays by stacking two REALiS WUX450projectors thanks to the flat top and bottom design. A 12,000 hour long-life filter makes maintenance easier than ever, while network management and streaming content capability seamlessly integrates the REALiS WUX450 into your technical infrastructure.

A host of multimedia functions including memory device support, JPEG support and a built-in speaker makes the WUX450 the perfect partner for all your presentation sources. For corporate, educational, fine arts and marketing applications, the convenience, power, capability and advanced technology of the WUX450 can achieve results far beyond expectations.

Native WUXGA Resolution (1920 x 1200)
AISYS-Enhanced LCOS Technology
4500 Lumens
Brilliant Image Quality
Compact Design
Flexible Installation Options
True Network Management Capability
Various Multimedia Functions
Quiet Operation
Limited Warranty

Standard Accessories
Remote Contoroller
AAA MN Battery
AC Code
PC Connection Cable
Lens Cap
Box with UPC Code
Warranty Card
Instruction Book (CD-ROM)
Important Information (Book)