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Panasonic AW-UE4

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Wide Angle 4K PTZ Camera with IP Streaming

Compact 4K PTZ camera with high-quality video output that excels in live production. The AW-UE4 is ideal for spaces both large and small, with a wide-angle of view perfect for huddle spaces or e-sports production.

Key features

Ultra wide-angle lens with 111degrees field of view

Supports 4K/30p video output

Video output via 3 interfaces, including HDMI, LAN & USB

Supports PoE or USB power options

AW-UE4K (black) / AW-UE4W (white) 4K Professional PTZ Remote Camera

Panasonic is pleased to announce a new addition to our Industry Leading PTZ Camera Family, the New AW-UE4 Compact Ultra-Wide Angle 4K PTZ with IP Streaming. The AW-UE4 supports 4K 30p/29.97p/25p high quality video output along with standard HD and Full-HD outputs. It is equipped with an industry leading 111 field of view, digital cropping, 100 preset function with HDMI, LAN, USB and POE connectivity for a single cable solution.

4K video with ultra-wide viewing angle of 111 degrees

The AW-UE4 is capable of outputting 4K video at 30p and has a horizontal viewing angle of 111 degrees in width. This means that you can now capture a fantastic wide shot, making it a perfect option for huddle spaces, boardrooms, classrooms, and for many live event applications. A tally light has been added to aid presenters when integrated into a live environment.

Pan and Scan Functionality

One of the key features of the AW-UE4 is the ability to pan and scan into a UHD image and cropping to a Full-HD shot, allowing you to move around the image despite the camera being static. Up to 100 of these pan and scan movements can then be saved as a preset. A digital zoom of 4x can also be achieved providing optimum camera placement flexibility.

AW-Protocol support

The AW-UE4 is compatible with Panasonic AW-Protocol, meaning that it can be controlled via IP using existing Panasonic PTZ remote controllers and/or the AW-RM50 infrared remote. This allows the AW-UE4 to be used in conjunction with other current Panasonic PTZ cameras, making it a perfect companion for Panasonic PTZ productions that require a POV shot.

Single-cable solution

The AW-UE4 supports single-cable operation whereby video and audio, control and power can be provided via a single CAT5 cable thanks to the Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature. Power can also be provided via USB-C*, whilst video and audio are outputted via HDMI. There is also a mounting hole at the rear of the camera to secure it using a Kensington lock

Audio and Format Support

The AW-UE4 includes two internal microphones for audio capture. It also supports video formats including 4K, 1080p and 720p capture. Additional IP formats included are Motion JPEG, H.264 over RTSP and H.265 over RTMP, making it a perfect for live event streaming.

*AW-UE4 does not supply USB-C cable in the box