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Panasonic AV-HS60C4

Call for price

Compact Control Panel for AV-HS6000

Compact Control Panel for the HS6000 2ME switcher system. The AV-HSC4 is about 2/3 narrower than the AV-HS60C1 and C2 conventional size control panels, which aids easy installation and smooth operation in control rooms with limited space. The AV-HS60C4 provides access to 16 Crosspoints (XPT) on one page and total of 64 XPT on 4 pages.
Free Software-based GUI Control Panel for HS6000 Systems
We are also happy to announce the availability of the new AV-SF6000G Free Software Control Panel for the HS6000 systems, which gives you even more flexible ways to control the 2ME switcher – including Bus Control, Memory store/recall, Keying and many others function from a supported PC or Mac.
The HS6000 is the most powerful and versatile live video switcher ever produced by Panasonic, and delivers the features, reliability, and adaptability required to create world-class live video content for Staging, House of Worship, Sports, Education and other demanding production environments.
32 HDSDI Inputs, 2 DVI-D Inputs, 16 SDI Outputs
2 ME (Mix Effects) Busses with Four DVE per ME for high production values
Redundant Power Supplies in both the AV-HS60U2P main frame and AV-HS60C2P main panel
Four Independent MultiViewers and 16 Aux Busses for versatile monitoring and control
Four Keyers per ME, including one Primattetm Chromakeyer standard per ME, plus 4 DSK
Video/Clip Stores with Full Color Thumbnail Buttons, expandable up to 81×60 Sec. Clips with optional SSD* Audio can be recorded with the ver3 firmware update.
Built-in Webserver, Timeline Editing, Macros, plus Linux Plug-in API for highly customizable workflow *
Control Panel includes OLED source-name labels and other aids for quick and easy operation
Optional 10.1-inch Touch-screen Menu Panel with video, (plus waveform and vectorscope display. *)
Multipanel control with up to 3 control panels with the ver3 firmware update.
1080/60P is now available with the ver3 firmware update.