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Take Control of Your Productions

BPswitch redefnes live producton. It combines an integrated video switcher with a powerful 3D character generator for easy, stunning moton graphics. Enjoy rock-solid Broadcast Pix reliability and strong technical support. Ideal for broadcast, studio & remote producton, houses of worship, government meetngs, school productons and live events. Take Control Today!

Features Include:

Up to 22 inputs & 14 outputs, mult-format, SDI and IP inputs, 4K upgradable

8 media stores for clips, graphics and animatons

Internal streaming with integraton to popular CDNs Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Livestream, Ustream and more

Patented control surfaces with PixButons for confdent switching

BPview Mult-View monitoring, customizable on up to 4 displays

Customizable Commander interfaces for producton-specifc needs, controlled locally or remotely

File-based IP work?ows for today’s demanding needs, using Macros and Watch-Folders

Up to 6 keyers with ClearKey chromakey technology for Virtual Studios for pristne keying

Extensive device control of robotc cameras, disk recorders, routers, streamers, audio mixers and more


Next Generaton of On-Air Graphics

Every BPswitch producton system includes a fully integrated NewBlueFX NTX engine to create stunning 3D moton graphics, e?ortlessly. With direct editng access from the BPview Mult-View updatng graphics couldn’t be easier. Just select the template, type in new informaton in a streamlined editor panel, and take it to air with dynamic updates. Choose from hundreds of included templates and modify them with intuitve, industry-standard tools to create a custom look. Add looping moton elements like a glint or video for an elegant touch. For professional graphic designers, easily add depth through text extrusion and bevels and enrich designs with lightng controls and style layers. A full Title Designer is included with a trackbased tmeline using keyframes, e?ects and transitons, all in a 3D environment.

For a complete end-to-end work?ow soluton, ttles can be generated on BPswitch systems or NLEs, as the same graphic template may be used for both live and post producton.

Through BPNet Watch-Folders, editors and directors can share content for a consistent look and feel.

Features Include:

3D design freedom

Import Photoshop, EPS, images, videos and more

Multple style presets and blending modes

Works with optonal BPfusion sofware


Take Control in the Cloud

Take control of your producton environment securely with the BPNet ecosystem. BPNet addresses the video, control and data needs of live, post, and other creatve productons. BPNet is an IP producton ecosystem that eliminates barriers between people, competng technology standards, traditonal and emerging tools, and multple distributon platorms. Fully integrated into every Broadcast Pix switcher, BPNet brings IP control to everyone.

Every BPswitch system can be controlled from a panel, tablet, phone, laptop or remote desktop, and with 3 possible control environments the camera sources, producton switcher and control experience can either be all local or distributed remotely for complete control freedom. Using standard Internet lines and bandwidth, but with BPNet’s encrypted communicaton technology, IP control is both a?ordable and secure.


Take Control of Your Media

ioGates cloud-based media management is the comprehensive service for fle sharing, delivery, transcoding, and archiving. Featuring built-in quality control and secure two-step authentcaton, ioGates’ industry-leading technology has been used for years by leading flm studios and broadcasters worldwide. Its easy to understand web browser interface enables anyone to safely and securely share, collaborate, manage, and distribute their content anywhere. Its independent work?ow system eliminates complex formatng and FTP issues that create technological barriers for productvity. Get started today and see for yourself how ioGates can simplify your producton, post-producton, distributon, and archive needs.

Ideal for broadcast, post producton, flm dailies, advertsing, corporate, marketng and more.

Features Include:

Advanced sharing capabilites

Collaboratng on share links

Built-in transcode to and from any codec

Actve Directory (ADFS/SAML) access control

Quality Check (Qscan and Vidcheck)

Watermark and burn in tme code

Advanced automated work?ows

Embedding to Twiter, Facebook, & websites

Direct FTP upload for automated work?ows

Upload App

DeskTop App for large fle distributon

MetaData and XML capabilites

Two-factor authenticaton for uses and clients


Take Control of Your Graphics

Automate your dynamic content with BPfusion. For data-intensive graphics BPfusion can link and automatically update on-screen graphics from databases, scoreboards, social media, clocks and tmers. Ideal for sports, election coverage, game shows and other data-driven environments, add BPfusion to any BPswitch system to streamline the creation of custom graphics.

Features Include:

Dual Channel

Up to 6 graphics per channel for up to 12 layers of moton graphics

Multple playback modes

Local switcher or remote control

Data connectvity from popular feeds including Twiter, RSS, Excel, CSV, XML, and Access data souces. Plus Daktronics, OES scoreboards.

Afer E?ects importaton of NBttles