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Panasonic AG-UMR20PJ

Call for price

Memory Card Recorder

IP Streaming (H.264) & IP Control via AW-RP50/RP120 plus Web User Interface

Double SD card slot featuring Relay Recording

LCD Touch Screen for menu and configuration

Still picture frame creation from video (JPEG)

UHD/4K 29.97p mode (in case AG-UCK20 connected)

23.98p Rec mode (4K/FHD, w/ camera head)

16 axis color correction (with Adjustment of Phase/Saturation for individual axis)

HD-SDI/HDMI simultaneous output

CAM REMOTE terminal for Zoom/Rec S/S in addition to Focus & Iris

DC12V IN (included AC Power Supply) or optional batteries (11800, 8850, 5900mAh)

SDXC card (~128GB)