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Panasonic AG-CX350

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Price: $3,995.00

Memory Card Camera Recorder

High-End 1.0-type Handheld Camcorder with 4K/HDR/10-bit Capabilities.

Supports IP Control, NDI | HX and RTMP Streaming.

A new CX Series camcorder offering 4K/HDR/10-bit image quality and live recording/IP connection usability to deliver next-generation creativity and connectivity.

Panasonic developed the new CX Series of handheld camcorders, spearheaded by the AG-CX350, to fuse video, on-air broadcasting, and communication for the next generation. The AG-CX350 features 4K/UHD resolution, 10-bit depth, HDR-compatible image quality, and a host of recording formats for the ultimate creativity in a compact, lightweight body with low power consumption. It is also equipped with an RTSP/RTMP/ RTMPS function for live streaming and NDI | HX-ready IP connectivity, to serve as a live camera, and clearly expands the usability of the handheld camcorder beyond conventional news gathering and recording applications to meet a wide range of professional needs.

Multi-Codec Recording of High-Quality 10-bit Images without Cropping

New HEVC Codec for High-Image-Quality 10-bit UHD/60p Recording at Low Bit Rate

The AG-CX350 is capable of recording in various formats at different compression rates (see the table below). It can record UHD/60p videos in high-image-quality 10-bit on an SD memory card. It also features a new, high-efficiency HEVC codec (LongGOP, 10-bit, 4:2:0, MOV) . When a PC with 7th Generation Intel Core i7 processor is used, the hardware acceleration enables native decoding and playback. Free software, such as VLC Media Player or QuickTime Player, provides smooth playback on a notebook PC or MacBook with Intel Core i7 processor.*

* Playback may lack smoothness depending on the PC environment, such as storage and memory devices.

10-bit Variable Frame Rate (VFR) without Cropping

In UHD, variable frame rate (VFR) recording at 1 fps to 60 fps is possible. In FHD, super-slow can be realized at a maximum of 120 fps. Both provide high-quality 10-bit, full-frame pictures with no image area cropping even at high frame rates.

MOV/AVCHD/P2 MXF* File Formats Supported

The AG-CX350 records MOV files that are highly compatible and easy to use. This file format is the same as that used on Panasonic’s compact cinema camera, the AU-EVA1, and supports file names with up to 20 characters, allowing recorded video clips to be easily managed. The AG-CX350 also supports conventional AVCHD recording, including the AVCHD 8 Mb/s mode, used widely as the format in college and professional football coaching analysis. And it will support the MXF P2 file format for broadcasting, enabling AVC-Intra or AVC-LongG recording.*

* AVC-Intra200/100/50 codec will be supported in the future. Use a microP2 card for recording in P2 format.

Freeze Frame (Still Image Capture)

When playing back video clips on the AG-CX350, any desired frame can be captured as a still image (JPEG) and recorded onto an SD memory card. Video playback, frame advance (+/-), and still-image captures can all be done intuitively by touch panel operation.

Double Memory Card Slots Improve Recording Reliability

Two SD memory card slots capable of using SDXC/SDHC/microP2 cards*1 enable unlimited*2 relay recording by simply changing SD memory cards. Recording reliability is further improved with simultaneous recording and background recording. And the AG-CX350 is equipped with Pre Rec, Interval Rec and Time Stamp recording functions.

*1 For memory card usage conditions, see the Recording Media.

*2 If the Relay recording time reaches 10 hours, shooting will temporarily stop, and then automatically restart a few seconds later. If it is recorded in MOV format, the file will be split every 3 hours and recorded.

Unlimited Relay Recording

Automatically records continuously from Slot 1 to Slot 2. By changing a full card with a new card, images can be recorded continuously for many hours.

Simultaneous Recording

Identical data is recorded onto cards in both slots in this dual recording mode.

Background Recording

Records ordinary Rec Start/Stop-controlled data in Slot 1, and records all data, even when Slot 1 is stopped, in Slot 2.

Recording Format
Recording FormatPixelsColor SamplingBit DepthBit RateFile FormatVFR*3AudioMOV (HEVC)UHDHEVC LongGOP 200M3840 x 21604:02:0010 bit200 Mbps (VBR)59.94p, 50p1 to 60 fps [50 fps] (Max. 200 Mbps)24 bit LPCMHEVC LongGOP 150M3840 x 21604:02:0010 bit150 Mbps (VBR)29.97p, 25p, 23.98pHEVC LongGOP 100M3840 x 21604:02:0010 bit100 Mbps (VBR)59.94p, 50pMOV (AVC)422ALL-I 400M3840 x 21604:02:0210 bit400 Mbps (VBR)29.97p, 25p, 23.98p1 to 30 fps [25 fps]422LongGOP 150M3840 x 21604:02:0210 bit150 Mbps (VBR)29.97p, 25p, 23.98p1 to 30 fps [25 fps]420LongGOP 150M3840 x 21604:02:008 bit150 Mbps (VBR)59.94p, 50p1 to 60 fps [50 fps] (Max. 150 Mbps)420LongGOP 100M3840 x 21604:02:008 bit100 Mbps (VBR)29.97p, 25p, 23.98pFHD422ALL-I 200M1920 x 10804:02:0210 bit200 Mbps (VBR)59.94p, 50p1 to 60 fps [50 fps] Super Slow: 120 fps [100 fps] (Max. 400 Mbps)422ALL-I 100M1920 x 10804:02:0210 bit100 Mbps (VBR)29.97p, 25p, 23.98p, 59.94i, 50i422LongGOP 100M1920 x 10804:02:0210 bit100 Mbps (VBR)59.94p, 50p1 to 60 fps [50 fps] Super Slow: 120 fps [100 fps] (Max. 200 Mbps)422LongGOP 50M1920 x 10804:02:0210 bit50 Mbps (VBR)29.97p, 25p, 23.98p, 59.94i, 50iAVCHDPS1920 x 10804:02:008 bit25 Mbps (VBR)59.94p, 50p-Dolby AudioPH1920 x 10804:02:008 bit21 Mbps (VBR)23.98p, 59.94i, 50i-HA1920 x 10804:02:008 bit17 Mbps (VBR)59.94i, 50i-HDPM1280 x 7204:02:008 bit8 Mbps (VBR)59.94p, 50p-SDSA720 x 480 (59.94i) 720 x 576 (50i)4:02:008 bit9 Mbps (VBR)59.94i, 50i-P2 (MXF)FHDAVC-Intra4221920 x 10804:02:0210 bit200 Mbps59.94p, 50p-24 bit LPCMAVC-LongG501920 x 10804:02:0210 bit50 Mbps59.94i, 50i-AVC-LongG251920 x 10804:02:0210 bit25 Mbps59.94p, 50p, 59.94i, 50i-AVC-LongG121920 x 10804:02:008 bit12 Mbps59.94p, 50p, 59.94i, 50i-16 bit LPCMHDAVC-LongG501280 x 7204:02:0210 bit50 Mbps59.94p, 50p-24 bit LPCMAVC-LongG251280 x 7204:02:0210 bit25 Mbps59.94p, 50p-AVC-LongG121280 x 7204:02:008 bit12 Mbps59.94p, 50p-16 bit

*3: VFR is supported only in Progressive mode. Square brackets [ ] indicate a system frequency of 50.00 Hz.

Advanced System Functions Supporting Live Streaming and IP Connection

RTSP/RTMP/RTMPS-Compatible HD Streaming

HD streaming is possible while images are being acquired.*1 RTSP, RTMP and RTMPS streaming methods are compatible.*2 And Facebook, YouTube, and other streaming services are supported. The AG-CX350 can be used for live coverage of concerts and sports events as well as for live streaming of breaking news. Multicast streaming is also supported.

*1: There are some conditions under which streaming is not possible, such as when recording in UHD format or using NDI|HX mode. Please see the Operating Instruction Manual for details.

*2: The P2 Network Setting Software is convenient for setting up the RTMP and RTMPS functions. See the section, Connectivity-verified live video services for the live video streaming services that have been confirmed to be compatible.

Easy IP Connection: NDI | HX Capable –

NDI | HX is enabled when optional NDI | HX licence is purchased from NewTek

The AG-CX350 is the industry’s first camcorder to support NDI | HX.* Equipped with NDI | HX mode, it allows video transmission and camera control via IP connection, without using an external converter. When connected to a system configured with the AV-HLC100 Live Production Center and HN/UN series PTZ integrated cameras, the AG-CX350 realizes end-to-end live video production of live events as well as web distribution.

NDI | HX, a technology of NewTek, Inc.

* Recording, streaming and 4K output are not available when using NDI | HX mode. Industry’s first camcorder to support NDI | HX. As of June 2019 (according to a Panasonic survey). To use this function, an activation keycode from NewTek is required. Keycodes can be purchased from the following website:

Wireless Control from a Tablet or Smartphone

The AG-CX350 can be controlled remotely and wirelessly using a tablet/smartphone app*1 (downloadable for free from the App Store or Google Play). In addition to zoom, i.Zoom and focus lens control, the app enables remote control of various other functions, including camera setting, picture quality adjustment, REC start/stop and menu setting. What’s more, the app can be used to select the camera to control from up to eight cameras.*2

1: iPad: iOS 9 or later are supported. Android devices: Android 5.0 or later are supported. Wireless module (sold separately; AJ-WM50 or recommended third-party Wi-Fi dongle) is required.

2: The app does not support simultaneous/synchronous control of multiple cameras. Camera switching takes several seconds.

Parallel Output of SDI and HDMI

SDI and HDMI can be output in parallel. Output of UHD video via HDMI and output of HD video in high-image-quality 10-bit, 4:2:2 via SDI enable a variety of uses. In HLG shooting, either HDR or SDR can be selected for each of the SDI, HDMI and LCD video outputs.

TC Synchro Multi-Camera Recording Supported

The TC IN/OUT terminal (BNC) allows synchronization of the time code in multi-camera shooting. The camera number (A to Z) can be added* to the name of the recording folder to facilitate editing.

* Only when the MOV codec is used for recording. Setting must be made in each camera.

Simultaneous Display on High-Brightness, High-Definition LCD and High-Resolution OLED EVF

The AG-CX350 features a new 3.2-type high-definition LCD monitor (approximately 1,620,000 dots). This LCD monitor uses the RGBW (red, green, blue, white) pixel structure to provide high visibility even in bright sunlight. The 3:2 aspect ratio enables the display of timecode and camera status without superimposing on the image. The touch panel function allows convenient touch focus and menu setting. The viewfinder is a high-resolution color OLED (approximately 2,360,000 dots, with an image display area of approximately 1,770,000 dots) that offers superb color reproduction. Since the AG-CX350 newly supports simultaneous LCD and EVF outputs, the LCD monitor can display the captured image at all times even when you look away from the EVF.

Broadcast-Grade Picture Quality Adjustment Functions

16-Axis Independent Color Correction: Provides an independent effect to each of the 16 phases of video images. It enables color matching of multiple cameras under the same lighting conditions as well as creative image rendering.

Master Detail: Adjusts the overall degree of contour enhancement.

Skin Detail: Makes skin colors appear soft and beautiful.

Scene Files: Six preset files are provided. You can change any of the settings as desired.

Other Picture Settings: Matrix tables, V detail, detail coring, chroma level, chroma phase, color temperature, master pedestal and knee.

24-bit PCM Audio 4-Channel Recording

The use of the built-in stereo microphone or XLR input (switchable 48-V phantom power supply/MIC/LINE) allows 2-channel audio recording. In MOV mode, 24-bit linear PCM recording delivers higher sound quality. Future firmware update will enable 4-channel recording.*1 Other audio features include manual volumes, OSD level meter, 1 kHz test tone output*2 and headphone output (3.5 mm-diameter stereo mini jack).

*1: When MOV or P2 MXF is selected as the main recording format, the AG-CX350 enables 4-channel recording using the built-in microphone (2-channels) and XLR (2-channels). In AVC-LongG12 mode, only 16-bit LPCM 4-channel recording is supported. And in AVCHD mode, only 2-channel recording is possible.

*2: This output is produced when the color bar is displayed. When the 50 Hz system frequency is selected, the output is 997 Hz.

Low Power Consuming, Large-Capacity Battery, Quick Charge

The AG-CX350 boasts low power consumption of 11.5 W (in factory setting, with no devices connected to the terminals), which is the industry’s lowest in the UHD/HD 10-bit recording camcorder segment. The maximum power consumption is only 17 W (HEVC recording, LCD turned ON, devices connected to the terminals).*1 With the supplied battery pack (5900 mAh), the AG-CX350 operates continuously for about 3 hours and 20 minutes. This large-capacity battery pack supports quick charges.*2 For product details, see Options page.

*1: As of January 2019. According to a Panasonic survey.

*2 Quick charge is possible only when the AG-BRD50 battery charger is used.