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Mirror Image IPad IP10

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Tablet Prompter

Ready for another great reason to have an iPad? Mirror Image has designed a kit that allows you to use your iPad as the monitor on our teleprompters. The iPad & Tablet prompter kit includes a fully adjustable camera & tripod mount (same piece as used in all of our portable teleprompters).

Mirror Image also uses a wide-angle trapezoid beamsplitter mirror that adds greater visibility to your HD camera. With the iPad or other Tablet, this is easily readable to 12 feet, and extremely portable at less than 10 pounds! If needing prompting software, iTunes has several apps to choose from, some even use your iPhone to control the script speed!

LARGE 13’x12′, 60/40 Beamsplitter mirror in a Wide-angle Trapezoid shape for HD cameras. The tops in the industry!
The only adjustable height camera platform in the industry. Holds any camera at the correct position. Makes for super ‘EZ’ set-up!
No counterbalancing needed with the most adjustment range in the industry. Perfect balance every time!
‘Light-Tight’ design will not allow light from rear of monitor.
All aluminum components with durable Powder-coat finish. Extremely tough!
Luggage grade Cordura fabric lens-hood surround.
Weighing just 11.5 pounds with the iPad makes it extremely portable

Viewable Size 10.4 in.