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ikan PT3700

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17′ Rod Based Location / Studio Teleprompter

The PT3700 teleprompter system is designed for professionals needing to work quickly and efficiently, in the field or studio.
Featuring solid, aluminum and steel construction, The PT3700 is a durable yet lightweight compact 17 teleprompter kit. The foundation of this system is a 15mm Rod base system, which allows for simple height adjustments and a folding glass frame that makes it easy for you to set up and travel.
Adjustable Glass Frame
The adjustable glass frame on the PT3700 allows for fast and easy set up. The frame also provides ability to safely fold the glass frame making the teleprompter compact and easy for transport.
Dual Purpose Unique Base Plate Design
The Dual Purpose Base plate supports various cameras, DSLR’s and small to midsized cameras. A unique feature of the base plate is the DSLR Shelf. This feature allows you to put a DSLR camera at the very edge of the base plate to get closer if needed.
200mm Height Adjustment Rods
The PT3700 includes two height adjustment rods, 130mm and 200mm, making the teleprompter more versatile for various sized cameras.
15mm Rod system design
The PT3700 is based on a 15mm Rod System design making it lightweight, easy to use, and quick to set up.
High quality 70/30 Teleprompter Glass
The high quality 70/30 teleprompter glass provides the perfect balance of reflection and pass-through without distorting the image. This high quality glass allows your camera to have great picture, while providing reflection you need to read the text.
Ships in Reusable Foam
The PT3700 is shipped in reusable custom cut foam which will help keep the kit safe and organized when you set it up or break it down. The custom cut foam can also be repurposed to perfectly fit in the SKB I Series 2918-10 Waterproof Hard Case.
Includes Software for MAC or PC
The PrompterPro3 Teleprompting software for MAC and PC are included with this kit. This software offers a full text editor, vertical and horizontal screen flip, real-time text updates and live prompter mode for optimal control. The software is compatible with MAC OSX 10.7 (and up on 64-bit processor) and Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.