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Marshall V-R241-4K

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SKU: V-R241-4K

24′ 4K Master Confidence Monitor

The Marshall V-R241-4K offers stunning color performance with a wide variety of built-in features for professional video production, broadcast, and Pro AV applications. The V-R241-4K has a beautiful 24-inch UHD panel with wide viewing angle that can display resolution inputs all the way up to 4K.

The V-R241-4K supports SDI inputs up to 12G and HDMI inputs up to HDMI 2.0, all with HDR. It comes with waveform and vectorscope functions along with in-monitor displays (IMD/UMD), tally, text, and timecode. It includes 16-channel audio bars, closed captioning decoding, built-in speakers, and more.

For system integrators, the V-R241-4K has multiple ports for control over Ethernet, RS422/485, RS232, and GPI. The V-R241-4K is also compatible with controllers from Extron, AMX, TSL, Image Video, Evertz and many other common control interfaces, making it a great choice for use in remote production, video village, industrial automation, and many other applications.

UHD/4K support via 12G SDI, Quad 3G SDI, Interleaved 2SI, and HDMI 2.0

Displays all HD, UHD, and 4K resolutions (4096 x 2160 letterbox)

Supports frame rates from 23.98 to 60 fps

Color gamut presets for REC 709 and DCI P3 ‘Cinema’

Supports HLG and SMPTE 2084 HDR

Timecode display for embedded VITC and LTC (SDI input)

Close Caption display for 708 and converted 608 captions (SDI Input)

Built-in confidence speakers confirm presence of embedded audio

Audio bar displays 1 – 16 channels (SDI) or channel pair (HDMI)

IMD (In Monitor Display) compatible with TSL or Image Video tally controls

Waveform/Vector displays either full frame or line-by-line analysis (12G UHD/4K or 3G HD)

Eco-friendly with extremely low power consumption in standby mode and remote wake