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Marshall V-MD1012

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SKU: V-MD1012

Dual 10.1′ Full Resolution LCD Rack Monitor

The Marshall Electronics V-MD1012 features two 10.1-inch LED high resolution (1920 x 1200) displays in a rack-mounted design with easily accessible back panels and swappable input modules. The dual independent displays include fully-adjustable crop, aspect ratio, and markers to dial in any kind of desired framing, as well as an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

The V-MD1012 can monitor two independent channels simultaneously, providing accurate details on false color, peaking, audio clipping, color temperature, and more, and includes four user-programmable preset buttons to take you immediately to any monitoring function.

Modular 3G-SDI, HDMI, and DVI (optional) inputs and outputs for ‘future proofing’ and compatibility with legacy systems

Hinged mount for easy access to back panel

Loop-through functionality for confidence monitoring

Two-channel audio analysis window with up to 16 channels of audio monitoring

Fully-adjustable, customizable aspect ratio markers

Expanded crop and scaling functions to select any portion of image

Easy-to-use graphical interface