Call for price


Call for price

Kit includes AP-X adapter plate and free-stand video monopod

Hands Free Monopod

An exceptional mini tripod structure with increased stability allows the monopod to stand on its own with a wide range of cameras, allowing you to multi-task and make equipment adjustments in between shots, without the need to lay the monopod on the floor or lean it against the wall.

*As a precaution, do not leave the monopod unattended at any time.

Step Lock/Release Foot Pedal

A unique foot pedal with a smart lock/release feature allows the monopod to switch its function from a shooting mode to a secure locked position with a single step. A helpful ‘Click’ sound is present when switching between modes, conveniently indicating when the monopod is released or locked into position.

Quick Adjustments for Your Preferred Height

A sleek design with numeric indicators for your preferred height settings, allowing you to make quick height adjustments for consistent angled and measured shots.

Carrying case Included

A carrying case with a helpful shoulder strap is included in the kit for mobility.

Strategically positioned knobs for quick setups and adjustments.

The pan lock, tilt lock, and sliding plate lock are all located on the left hand side of the head for quick & easy setups and adjustments while holding the camera and operating the head with your right hand.

Snap ON/OFF Plate

This one touch on/off sliding plate is compatible with select Manfrotto and Sachtler heads, enabling quick camera swaps onsite without the need to change or remove sliding plates.

Spare 3/8′ Screw

Equipped with a spare 3/8′ screw on the side.

Support arms with 3/8′ screws can be attached when removing the spare screw.