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Imagine Communications MSA-100

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Multi-Source Analyzer

The MSA-100 multi-source analyzer couples confidence monitoring with full testing of compressed video conformance, audio level, data services and ETR-290 on any terrestrial broadcast, cable headend, satellite or telco network. Cost-effective and compact, the entry-level MSA-100 is a powerful tool designed for today’s video-over-IP infrastructures, while still supporting legacy delivery interfaces. A wide array of options allows it to scale from small stations to complex, multichannel operations.

The MSA-100 delivers awareness of system information and ancillary data in a space-efficient 1RU package. It possesses a rich user interface for both local and remote control situations, with conformance results displayed in the intuitive GUI. Real-time, full-motion video decode and audio level analysis can be viewed in one or more mosaic displays. A variety of physical input formats are supported, along with all major compression standards, a wide array of transport and streaming protocols, and the ability to simultaneously handle a large number of channels in real time.

The MSA-100 multi-source analyzer provides total control of test parameters on each selected source. An option allows the scheduling of different levels of testing at different times of the day. All A/V essence is fully decoded in real time.

Up to 24 PiPs can be viewed on a virtual screen. The number of PiPs displayed depends on picture size (SD/HD) and video essence type. Video of the sources in the currently viewed screen – one of 12 available virtual screens – is rendered in real time. The multi-PiP display is quickly set up using standard layout formats and can also be customized to meet a user’s unique preferences. Users can even focus in on a full-screen version of any single source under test.

All test and layout settings are remembered, and can be managed by persistent IDs to allow long-term trending in logs.

Analysis/Test Report and History
The MSA-100 provides the following analysis data:
Test summary of each source at system, video and audio level
Detailed test message of each error/warning type
Monthly, daily and hourly test history (error/warning count) over the past 12 months
Stream Capture
Two different stream capture modes are supported:
Automatic Stream Capture on Error
For standard builds, auto capture enables monitoring of one source at a time (avoiding multiple sources having errors at the same time and overwhelming the capture device). Source data captured is saved from three seconds before the error happens and one to 60 seconds after the error happens. If a new error happens during the trailing period, auto capture continues without creating a new capture file.
Manual Stream Capture
For large builds, users can set the maximum capture file size, allowing large continuous files to be captured as smaller files for easy offline inspection from a workstation on the same network.
Data Traffic Monitoring and Logging
The MSA-100 monitors and logs the data traffic at the following layers. The status can be overlaid on the corresponding video window.
IP (loss/gain of sync)
TS (loss/gain of transport sync)
DVB Teletext (ETSI EN 300 472 or ETSI EN 301 775)
DVB VBI CopyGuard
There is an option to show the PIDs of applicable traffic on screen. The order of the audio ES can be configured according to either the PID value or the position in the PMT table.

The MSA-100 logs up to 16,000 events daily, including:
Input signal status
RTP errors
ETR sync errors
ETR continuity counter errors
Audio/video buffer overflow
Frozen video
Black video
Video resolution change
Video DAR change
Silent audio
Clipping audio
Up to 30 days of traffic histories are kept and logs can be forwarded to syslog server or SNMP server.

Table Analysis
A table analysis feature shows detailed syntax elements of all known tables and descriptors, and provides a Hex data view for debugging and analysis.

Ordering Information
Multi-source analyzer, entry-level platform, MPEG-2 format, standard with 1 codec and 4 SD or 2 HD PIPs, providing full conformance testing and traffic status monitoring

Multi-source analyzer, entry-level platform, MPEG-4 format, standard with 1 codec and 4 SD or 2 HD PIPs, providing full conformance testing and traffic status monitoring

Multi-source analyzer, entry-level platform, H.264 format, standard with 1 codec and 4 SD or 2 HD PIPs, providing full conformance testing and traffic status monitoring

Multi-source analyzer, entry-level platform, VC-1 format, standard with 1 codec and 4 SD or 2 HD PIPs, providing full conformance testing and traffic status monitoring

Note: Number of PIPs and/or shadow testing varies depending on codec type, picture resolution and bitrate.

Software Codecs
MPEG-1 (ISO 11172-2) and MPEG-2 (ISO 13818-2)

MPEG-4 Part 2 (ISO 14496-2)

MPEG-4 Part 10 (ISO 14496-10)


Display and Testing Options
Add optional DVB-T2MI Data Analysis software package

Add block of 4 SD or 2 HD PiPs with full testing and text

Add block of 4 SD or 2 HD Shadow C-testing plus text

Add a block of 4x 5-channel Dolby decoder licenses

Add a block of 4 AAC/HE-AAC decoder licenses

Add a block of 4 PIPs of CIF or lower resolution with full video conformance testing and text

Add a block of 4, CIF or lower resolution background Shadow A – system tested programs

Add a block of 4, CIF or lower resolution background Shadow C testing plus text

Add a block of 4 SD or 2 HD background Shadow A – system level tested programs

Add a block of Radio-Only PIPs that include audio and data monitoring

Remote Viewers
Remote view server – low-resolution (720×480) mosaic plus GUI

Remote view server – high-resolution (1280×720) mosaic plus GUI

Input Options
Quad-port ASI input board (limit 4 ports per MSA-100)

Dual-channel DVB-S/S2 interface

Single channel DVB-T2 interface

Hardware Options
Extra hard disk drive for MSA-100