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Imagine Communications CMN-LA

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Loudness Analyzer

Videotek CMN-LA loudness analyzer is a comprehensive audio monitoring tool that makes it easy to confirm compliance with the latest loudness requirements. Loudness and true peak measurements are made to the ITU-R BS.1770-3 standard with five times oversampling. Built-in modes offer quick setup to ARIB TR-B32, ATSC A/85 or EBU R 128 recommendations. Up to five days of loudness data are stored internally and easily retrieved through the USB port or internal web server. Metering of up to 16 channels simultaneously makes for rapid alignment checks.

Integated into the CMN-LA is the TC Electronic loudness radar meter, which shows loudness on short-terms meters, graphs covering periods from one minute to 24 hours, and numeric display of the long-term center of gravity (average loudness) and consistency (loudness range). The flexible display of the CMN-LA presents data in a format most useful for the job at hand. Use the integrated TC Electronic loudness radar meter during production, the audio status display during program ingest, and the combination of loudness and true peak meters, numeric display and trend chart for master control monitoring. The chart data can be exported for compliance reporting. Adjustable audio output delay compensates for video monitor processing in critical evaluation suites.

Short mounting depth makes the CMN-LA loudness analyzer ideal in a QC monitoring rack or on the meter bridge of an audio console.

Loudness measurement to ITU-R BS.1770-3
True peak measurement to ITU-R BS.1770-3 with five times oversampling
Integrated TC Electronic loudness radar display
Trend chart of levels (15 seconds to 24 hours)
Export values to a PC
Audio status display of clips, mutes, average, high and low levels
Meter up to 16 channels
Alarms for levels, status and Dolby metadata
Two triple rate SDI inputs
Optional eight AES inputs
Optional Four AES and eight analog outputs
Adjustable output delay
Optional Dolby AC3 and E decoding (requires AES I/O option)

The basic CMN-LA unit operates with 3G/HD/SD-SDI embedded audio sources, with a hardware option for eight AES inputs, four AES outputs and eight analog outputs. The analog outputs are meant to drive high impedance loads.

Dolby decoding is a hardware option available at the time of order, or for field installation. The Dolby decoder requires the AES I/O option. The AES option also includes an LTC input for time stamping of log entries.

The CMN-LA also includes internal speakers and a front-panel headphone jack for source confirmation. A mixdown mode can be applied to the headphone output when using discreet sources. The mixdown parameters are taken from VANC medatada if present, otherwise internal menu settings are used.

AES I/O option for the CMN-LA; adds 8 AES inputs and 4 AES/8 analog outputs along with LTC input and GPIO to the CMN-LA, field install

Dolby decode option for the CMN-LA; adds decoding and metadata readout of Dolby Digital (AC3) and Dolby E streams; requires CMN-LA-OPT-AES option, field install

Portable case with handle and tilt bail

Dual rackmount adapter; mount 1 or 2 CMN-LA or CMN-91 in a 19 in. (48.2 cm) equipment rack. 3RU high

Blank panel for unused side of a DRC-3