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ikan S7P

Call for price

Saga 7? Super High Bright 3G-SDI/HDMI Touchscreen Monitor with 3D LUTs and Scopes

The Saga S7P is equipped with an LCD panel that cranks out 2000 nits of brightness, which is about 4 times as bright as most monitors. Not only is the panel bright, but it is also extremely sharp and accurate. The S7P can be powered either by L series batteries or via the included AC adapter.

1920 x 1200 touchscreen display

Daylight viewable monitor 2000 nit high bright panel

Real time LUT preview in HDR or loadable 3D LUTs via SD card slot

Supports Anamorphic de-squeeze in real-time with a squeeze of 1.33x.

Waveform, RGB parade, vectorscope, histogram, peaking, false color, pixel-to-pixel, clip guides, image flip, audiometer

4K Ultra HD support via HDMI

3G-SDI & HDMI input and output, 3.5mm audio output

Dual L series battery slots

3D-LUT and HDR Capabilities

The Saga S7P allows you shot your footage in log format, while previewing in real time on the monitor in HDR or loading custom LUTs. HDR previews of HLG 2020, HLG 709, and HLG P3.

High End Video Analysis

The S7P is packed with video analysis features that help you get the perfect picture. The monitor has highly accurate Waveform, Vectorscope, RGB Parade and Histogram. You’ll also have both options of navigating features via the intuitive touchscreen or easy to use scroll wheel.

Inputs & Outputs

The S7P is equipped with both HDMI and 3G-SDI inputs and outputs. In addition, the monitor also has a 3.5mm headphone output so you can monitor your audio from the S7P.

Battery Power

The S7P has the option to use either one or two L series batteries at a time. Additionally, the monitor can be powered via the screw thread DC in port for a secure connection.

Software Features


HDR Preview


Y/YUV/RGB Parade

Y/RGB Histogram


False Color





Aspect Ratio (Anamorphic De-Squeeze 1.33x)

Pixel to Pixel


Image Flip

Freeze Frame

Battery Level

In the Box

1 x S7P Monitor1 x Power Adapter1 x Shoe Mount