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Digital LED Light Meter w/ Exposure, Spectrometer & CRI for Photography, Video, Cinema & Film (UPRtek)

The CV600 is the next generation of advanced Color/Exposure meters from UPRtek. It’s designed for quick, efficient measurements. Its new Color Correction Filters Calculator makes it easy to match the color of any light source. The New Exposure setting allows you to take readings in T, F, TF, and EV modes. Among its features include CRI, CCT, LUX, Delta Ascension, Spectrum Analysis and Flicker measurements. The CV600 provides effortless data transfer through its SD card (data) storage slot. The CV600 is a cost-effective LED color/Exposure meter that is portable, lightweight and easy-to-operate!


Wavelength 380nm-780nm

Modify ME Design for Flicker

Color Correction Filters Calculator

New Bold Color Interface

Flexible Adjustment of the Basic list

Added Measuring Functions with CRI measurements

Exposure Mode allows you to take measurements in the T Mode, TF Mode, F Mode, and EV Mode

Wavelength 380nm-780nm

The spectral wavelength of the CV600 ranges between 380nm-780nm. This allows users to have a solid understanding of where Delta Ascension happens.

Flicker Measuring Modification

The CV600 Flicker Mode allows the user to judge whether the light that is being measured is within the cameras Frames per Second or the Flicker is outside the safe (PASS) zone. This would allow the camera to see the flickering of the light in the frame.

Color Correction Filters Calculator

The new Color Correction Filters calculator provides an efficient method of identifying and matching the color of any light source. Through its calculated readings, it finds which gel would have the most accurate color temperature.

Bold Color Interface

New color interface make finding the correct screen easy.

Flexible Adjustment of the Basic List

Having a variety of options at your fingertips makes the CV600 a great tool to have on set.

CRI Measurements

The color by color read out of all the 15 swatches in the CRI index give you a quick overview of the LED lights performance.

Exposure Mode

The Exposure modes allow for the user to adjust for Time of exposure (T Mode) also F-Stop (F mode) setting the iris. Also (TF Mode) setting of both time and F-stop. The (EV Mode) Exposure Value allows you to compensate for light or dark in the image.

uSpectrum Apps

Control of the CV600 just got easier with the CV600 app. This allows you to set up your light compairson between two LED lights with relative ease. Quick color and brightness measurments as wellas exposure reading with just a few clicks on your device.


AC Power Supply/Charger

CV600 Meter

Canvas Pouch

Carrying Case

Cleaning Cloth

Li-ion Battery

USB Cable

Wifi Wing Card