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RS-1 Softbox 30×40 and Bracket for R-300 LED Ring Light

The RS-1 Softbox 30×40 and Bracket is the perfect companion for the world famous R-300 LED Ring Light. What separates the R-300 LED Ring Light from its competition is its accurate color rendering, multiple power options, bright output, and its ability to function as both an on-camera light and and off-camera light. F&V now offers the perfect tool to expand the R-300’s functionality, a softbox.The RS-1 Softbox 30×40 will allow you to modify your light, creating a larger, soft, single source light. This becomes the perfect solution for interviews, portraits, and product photography. Your imagination is the limit to this tool’s application. The softbox also comes packaged with a velcro honey comb which allows you to focus the light’s beam and reduce spill.The RS-1 Softbox 30×40 is made from a thick, high-quality nylon. Four large flaps in the back make it easy to install the soft box rods and R-300 w/ Bracket. A designated notch in one of the flaps makes accessing your R-300’s dimmer knob easy. The R-300 mounts to a matte-black, aluminum bracket system which functions as the soft box’s speed ring. On this bracket are four receptacles that hold the soft box rods. The bracket has a 5/8” stud that allows you to mount the softbox system using a c-stand or universal holder. The center of this 5/8” stud is hollow which allows you to mount a translucent or reflective umbrella to the unit.Please Note that the Umbrella Featured in the Photos is NOT Included in this kit

Softens Light and Increases Area of Light Source Lightweight and Durable Bracket Can Be Used w/ the Soft Box or an Umbrella Removable Velcro Honey Comb

Package Contents

(1) x RS-1 Softbox 30×40 for R-300 LED Ring Light(1) x Bracket for Softbox (composed of 5 pieces)(1) x Honey Comb for Soft Box(1) x Carry Bag