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Call for price

1-Channel V-Plate Portable Charger

Now you can ‘charge on the run’ with the VL-PVC1….it’s the latest addition to our ENDURA charger product line-up. When it has to be portable and compact for crew work or when keeping travel gear light, the VL-PVC1 delivers the small profile of our V-Plate combined with robust charging that works on all our ENDURA series 12V Lithium Ion batteries

Single channel portable battery charger designed exclusively for use with IDX ENDURA System series Lithium Ion batteries.

Small size similar to P-V2 Series plates, it’s ideal for travel, simplified charging on location.

VL-PVC1 compatible batteries: All ENDURA V-Mount Lithium Ion batteries.

An LED Display is positioned on the side of the charger for quick visual confirmation of charging mode. Solid red indicates active charging; when the LED Display is off, charging is completed (approximately 90% full charge).

Lightweight, rugged construction like the P-V2 Series V-Plates and weighs under 1 lbs.

Universal AC input voltage for worldwide operation.