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136Wh Li-ion Power Cartridge V-Mount Battery with Digi-View

The ENDURA ELITE is the ideal battery for today’s generation of HD ENG/EFP cameras. At 136Wh capacity, the ENDURA ELITE was created with a focus on the demands of HD power consumption. Two identical cartridges which can reduce the cost of replacement batteries. The unique twin power cartridge design ensures the ENDURA ELITE is fully compliant for air transportation and is the only Li-ion battery over 100Wh that is IATA flight friendly. The ENDURA ELITE supports Digi-View and i-Trax Battery Management System, and is compatible on all IDX ENDURA V-Mount chargers. PC-14 is the replacement power cartridge and BH-2 is the housing for use in ENDURA ELITE batteries. ENDURA ELITE Power Status is uniquely designed with a 10 step remaining power indicator. The remaining power is shown in increments of 10% by solid/flashing combination of the 5 LEDs. This information can be shown in the camera viewfinder via Digi-View and a new ‘Mode’ LED can indicate preset and warning conditions of the battery to the operator.

ENDURA ELITE Product Features:
Two identical PC-14 power cartridges are housed inside the outer casing of the ELITE. This design allows for an easy exchange of cartridges, reducing the cost of replacement batteries.
IATA approved for unrestricted carry-on airline carriage. At 9.2Ah/136Wh the ELITE is the only Li-ion battery over 100Wh that is IATA approved. Each PC-14 Power Cartridge can be disengaged and stored separately prior to flight. For further clarification please contact IDX or view our website’s section on Li-ion transportation.
Digi-View gives the camera operator an accurate display of the ELITES’s remaining capacity, shown via the camera’s viewfinder.
5 LEDs are located on the side of the ELITE with 10 settings to display remaining battery capacity. This is done by increments of 10% by full/flashing combination of the 5 LEDs.
BMS is a unique software package that enables users to monitor the history and condition of their batteries to increase their life span. BMS gathers battery data and provides PC access to a comprehensive database, invaluable when managing large fleets of ELITE and E-10 batteries.
Battery circuit protection ensures the ELITE is fully protected against common causes of battery misuse, guarding against over charge, over discharge, over current and exposure to high temperatures. This high level of protection is built into both PC-14 power cartridges.
The highest grade Lithium Ion cells are used to ensure the ELITE is one of the most reliable batteries available, as well as being the safest and most environmentally friendly.
Weighing only 2.76 lbs., the ELITE is compact and durable, ideal for regular use and transportation to and from location.
Attaching ELITE batteries to cameras without a standard V-Mount connection is possible through the use of P-V2 and P-VS2 adaptor plates, available separately from IDX.
The ELITE can be recharged quickly and safely using IDX sequential or simultaneous ENDURA chargers VL-2SPLUS or VL-4S series.