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IDX CW-1JC1400

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SKU: CW-1JC1400

Custom Case for CW-1 and Accessories

CW-1JC1400 is perfect to store and trasport the CW-1 wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver and accessories, such as (1)A-CWJ-TX adaptor, (1)A-CWJ-RX adaptor, (2)SSL-JVC50 batteries and (1)LC-2J charger.

Transport and store your CW-1 Kit B safely in the customized CW-1JC1400 case! The top tier is specifically designed to house the CW-1 TX and RX, TX and RX power adaptors, (2) IDX 7.4V batteries, right angle HDMI type adaptor, and shoe to 1/4 screw mount; the bottom tier is designed to house an IDX 2-Channel 7.4V battery charger, charger AC adaptor, and HDMI type cable and power cables.
The CW-1JC1400 is available with the CW-1 Kit B under part number CW-1JKBC.