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Datavideo NH-100

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NightHawk Camera

Datavideo’s new NightHawk cameras are feature-packed, high-quality cameras in a compact design, which fit various applications.

Equipped with a 4/3 CMOS sensor and real-time HDR with an impressive ISO limit upto 409600, the NightHawk camera series can capture shadows and highlights in spectacular detail. Because of its digital noise reduction feature, users can obtain remarkable image quality even under low light.

One of the unique characteristics of the NightHawk is the ability to stream out video through mobile device’s 4G network. This provides a cost effective, high-quality solution for outdoor live event broadcasting.

NightHawk cameras have highly modifiable bodies, giving you the freedom to build up and enhance your own professional camera rig, which contains monitors, recorders, batteries and stabilizers. Moreover, NightHawk cameras are compatible with other professional M4/3 lenses from Leica, Panasonic, Olympus, and more.

Key Features

Live video streaming through mobile device

Cinematic Quality Image Sensor

Ultra Low-Light Capture (Up to 409600 ISO)

High Dynamic Range

12-bit Video Processor

External Microphone Input

Simultaneous HDMI and SDI Output

Remote Control Over Wi-Fi

Removable Lens (Micro 4/3)

2 Rows of Quarter Twenty-Inch Mounting Holes for Accessories

Multi-Purpose Applications