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CameraRibbon Rig QR

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Shoulder Rig With Quick Release camera attachment

The CameraRibbon is an effective yet simple one piece design that takes the strain off a cameraman’s wrist, hands and back with a counterbalanced and padded shoulder support/handle. The result, a more stable image without shake and jitter, with far less fatigue on long handheld shoot days. Minimalist design with maximum steady.

The CameraRibbon is crafted of light weight sturdy aircraft grade aluminum for use with the newer & smaller form factor professional video camcorders. Made primarily for ENG style shooting, where steadiness, light weight, speed and balance, trump the ability to load on tons of accessories. It’s much easier to use than the erector set style rigs, just attach the camera with the quick release adapter/dovetail plate and you’re good to go, no assembly required. All CameraRibbon Rigs are equipped with a 577 style Quick Release adapter/plate (long dovetail plate optional), for rapid change from Rig to tripod.

Designed by a veteran news and sports cameraman, the CameraRibbon is fabricated from a single ribbon of 1/8th. inch solid aluminum (Finished in a durable black wrinkle texture powder coating) which is sized for various camera models. This Rig uses a sturdy one inch diameter solid aluminum, vinyl covered hand grip, (leather or suede grip optional). A small vinyl covered weight mounted low on the back of the CameraRibbon provides counterbalance, (Dual Counterweights available). A new custom sized PortaBrace padded cordura & suede case for your CameraRibbon Rig is also available.

This size/model specific monolithic and minimalist design avoids the rod based adjustable tinker toy look of other rigs, as well as solving the bulkiness and assembly issues of many of the over-engineered camera support systems.

The CameraRibbon was designed specifically for use on an extreme challenge competition, ‘Tough Mudder’, and has been proven on many rugged day long marathon handheld ENG shoots to great success and with minimal fatigue. This unique design allows four points of contact with the operator for very stable handheld shots while maintaining a comfortable and balanced posture for the videographer.

Camera Compatibility:
Sony EX1R
Sony PMW200
Sony FS 100
Sony FS 700
BlackMagic Cinema Camera
Canon XF300 & XF305
JVC GY-HM 650 & HM 600
Panasonic AG-AF100
Panasonic HVX200
Panasonic HPX170
and even the GoPro Hero 2, 3 & 3+

(Plus many other professional cameras of a similar form factor, please inquire)

2, Wireless mic attachments provided
QR Adapter has 2 mounting points for accessory arms
Optional Dual Counterweight Recommended with some cameras, call.
Standard Quick Release dovetail plate included
QR Long Dovetail Plate optional