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Z3 Technology FV2K-DCK-10

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Dual Camera Full HD Video Encoder

The FV2K-DCK-10 designed for dual camera inspection, survallience, industrial and UAV applications. The flexibility of the system allows for a visible camera and an infrared or night vision camera. The hardware consists of a 3-board set: Input, Encoder and Connector PCB. The system is capable of encoding multiple channels of H.265 and H.264 video in HD resolutions. The Input board features flexible digital and analog input ports. The encoder can be configured to stream over IP and simultaneously record to USB or micro SD card. This compact design only uses 4.5 watts of power when streaming from 2 cameras. The FV2K-DCK-10 is available with either software preloaded or with an optional SDK starter kit.

H.265/H.264 Dual Camera Video Streaming

Interfaces with LVDS, Parallel CMOS, Cameralink and Composite cameras

Programmable to support a variety of cameras

High Quality Low Latency Encoding Pass Camera Control Commands over IP

ONVIF Profile S Compliant

Module Size: 58 x 58 mm (2.28 x 2.28 in)

Typical Power Consumption: 4.5W typical while encoding 2 cameras in H.265 video at 1080p60

Certifications: ONVIF Profile S Compliant