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Wohler VMDA-4

Call for price

2-channel AES and 8-channel analog audio monitor with metering that either selects 1 of 4 AES or analog pairs, or sums any of the 4 analog pairs.

The VMDA-4 audio monitor permits selectable monitoring of analog or AES sources, with excellent full-range fidelity far exceeding that of an ordinary monitor in a 1U rack-size.

The unit monitors up to four stereo analog or AES audio sources.

Individual lighted push buttons select and indicate which of the four sources is being monitored.

Two or more pairs of the analog inputs may be summed (as pairs) by pressing the desired buttons simultaneously (note that AES inputs cannot be summed).

A separate lighted push button switches between the selected analog or digital source(s).

Two front-firing midrange-tweeter speakers and a compact high-performance woofer are arranged in Wohler Technologies popular bi-amp design.

The summed bass feature is important for audible detection of out-of-phase conditions.

Speaker amp limiters prevent accidental damage to speakers from high input levels.

Volume and Balance controls are standard, but can be reconfigured as A volume/B volume via an internal jumper.

A front panel mute function is engaged by tapping the Analog/Digital selector button briefly.

The button’s light blinks while speakers are muted.

Muting may also be activated from a switch remoted from the rear panel.

The VMDA-4 also features 10-segment LED bargraph meters that provide visual indication of input levels.

Fast and averaging phase LEDs gives visual alert of out-of-phase conditions, and indicate whether the source is stereo or mono.

An auxiliary analog output of the selected analog or digital source is provided on the rear panel.

The unit is completely magnetically shielded to allow interference-free operation immediately adjacent to all CRT video monitors.

Its lighter weight and shallower-depth chassis (compared to similar-type units) make it ideal for use in portable and mobile vehicle applications.