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Sony WQ-BS1

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BRAVIA Signage

Sony’s BRAVIA Signage is an application to deliver video and still images to Pro BRAVIAs and manage the information via a network. Features include management of displays, power schedule management, content playlists, scheduled delivery management, content interrupt, and more.


Display Management. Management of the information and status (online, offline, etc.) of BRAVIAs connected with a network.

Power Schedule Management. Registration and management of the Pro BRAVIA’s power schedule by specifying date, day of the week, and time.

Playlist. Playlists can be managed via content URLs and via content located on the content library. Playlists support video, still images, HTML content. The content of playlists can be previewed on a Pro BRAVIA before playing them back in a schedule BRAVIAs.

Schedule Delivery Management. Content can be managed via a delivery schedule by specifying the date, day of the week, and time.