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Sony TSA-55PB

Call for price

IR Touch Overlay for FWD55-X800E and FWD- 55X900E

IR Touch overlay that turns Sony Pro BRAVIA into an interactive multitouch display. They work well with many input devices such as finger/stylus and support up to 10 points of contact.

The overlay slides over the front of the display and is then secured by 4 corner brackets with security screws to prvent theft. The attached USB cable plugs into the source such as a PC or Vision Exchange; power is over USB.

Supports up to 10 points of contact

HID compliant

Response time: 3~10 ms.

Gesture support

Supports multiple operating systems (Linux, Windows, Android, Mac).

3.4 mm laminated glass with dual sided TruVue AR Coating.

Touch Panel overlays come with a 2 year parts and labor warranty.