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Sony SAL70400G2

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DSLR Lens (70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM Super

Nano AR Coating
Sony’s Nano AR Coating with nano-precision structure contributes to high-quality images with reduced ghosting and flare. This proprietary Sony coating technology features aligned microscopic asperities that reduce the effects of the reflective interfacial boundary on the surface of the lens, thus dramatically reducing the amount of undesirable reflections entering the lens.

High-performance AF with enhanced object-tracking capabilities
Thanks to a new LSI drive circuit, the SAL70400G2 offers faster, more accurate autofocusing with four times (TBD) faster object tracking performance than the current 70-400mm F4 – 5.6 G SSM lens. The SSM (Super Sonic Wave Motor) takes advantage of piezoelectric elements that change shape when voltage is applied to deliver ideal lens attributes such as a large rotational distance at low speeds and swift start/stop response. The smooth, high-speed performance contributes to excellent response when shooting moving subjects.

Uncommonly fast aperture.
The f/4-5.6 aperture enables shooting at higher shutter speeds to freeze sports action.

Super Telephoto Zoom.
This superb 70-400mm zoom lens is an excellent choice for a wide range of medium to long-distance telephoto applications. (35mm equivalent when used with APS-C format cameras: 105-600mm.)

Superb flexibility.
The 5.7x zoom range goes all the way from 70mm, suitable for portraits and other medium-angle shots, to a super-telephoto 400mm.

G Series Optical Performance.
Sony’s G-Series lenses are designed for maximum descriptive power, maintaining excellent peripheral light characteristics and maximizing contrast even at the edges of the frame.

SSM (Super Sonic wave Motor).
SSM (Super Sonic wave Motor) is supremely responsive: faster, smoother, quieter focusing.

ED (Extra-low Dispersion)
Two ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements minimize chromatic aberration for sharp, clear images with well defined colors.

Superb Minimum Focusing Distance.
With the ability to focus as closely as 5 feet (1.5m), this telephoto lens also lets you move in for dramatic shots of people, natural subjects and close-up details.

0.27x maximum magnification.
0.27x maximum magnification.

In-Camera Image Stabilization.
Works with the SteadyShot image stabilization built into Sony ? D-SLRs.

Three Focus Hold Buttons.
The lens enables to you firmly lock in focus for creative control. Focus range limiter can be set to speed auto-focus response. Focus Hold also enables image preview with the ?900 D-SLR.

Smooth Manual Focusing.
An easy-grip focus ring on the lens barrel gives you a solid hands-on’ feel in manual focusing.’

Multi-Element Design.
The SAL-70400G incorporates 18 elements in 12 groups for high optical precision from the center of the image all the way to the corners.

Internal Focusing.
Focus is accomplished by moving an internal element group, so focus is faster.

Circular Aperture.
Because the aperture blades form a near circle at the wide openings used for low-light shots, spot-light sources have a pleasing circular defocused effect. The lens features nine aperture blades.

Auto Clutch.
For reliable operation, the manual focus ring does not rotate in auto-focus mode.

Works with Optional Teleconverters.
Compatible with optional Sony SAL14TC (1.4x) which extends focal length to 560mm (35mm equivalent when used with APS-C format cameras: 840mm) and SAL20TC (2.0x) teleconverters which extends focal length to 800mm (35mm equivalent when used with APS-C format cameras: 1200mm). Teleconverters are compatible with manual focus only.

Standard Accessories
Front and rear lens caps
ALC-SH121 petal lens hood
Bayonet-type, soft carrying case