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Sony RCP-1501

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SKU: RCP-1501

Remote Control Panel (Standard)

The RCP-1501 is highly versatile control panels with a touch panel LCD display and user friendly buttons which makes it a remote control panel that offers both ease of operation and multi-functionality which compares favorably with the MSU. The iris and master black adjustment block employs Dial (Knob) type control. Illuminated buttons with high visibility flash and light to notify you of the operation status to enable operation even in dark locations. By connecting the system using Ethernet cable, large scale of the system operation can be achieved Up to 4 units can be mounted in a SONY MSU19′ RACK DRAWER( MSUDRAWER//A)’

Dial( Knob) type IRIS/Master Pedestal Control
Both CCA cable( 8 pins connector) and or EtherNet cable operation
All-new design of menu.GUI and control buttons
Customizable menu
Successor model of RCP-751