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Sony PXW-Z190

Call for price

4K 3-CMOS 1/3-type sensor XDCAM Camcorder

Purchase a Sony PXW-Z190 and Receive a FREE CBKZSLMP Sony MPEG HD Recording Upgrade License

ExpiresFebruary 2, 2020

End users who purchase two PXW-Z190 together, one MCX500 and one RM30BP will receive $925.99 instant rebate.

ExpiresFebruary 2, 2020

The PXW-Z190 is a World’s first 4K 1/3-type 3-chip handy camcorder with 4K 60p recording in XAVC Long GOP onto affordable SD cards. With a 25x optical zoom Soy G Lens and electronic variable ND filter on top of HDR capability in HLG, this camera becomes the new standard workhorse in the 4K era.

World’s first 4K 1/3-type 3-chip Exmor R CMOS sensors The PXW-Z190 is equipped with a newly developed 4K 1/3-type 3-chip sensor module, which creates state of the art picture. The advantages of a 3-chip system high sensitivity and high color reproduction is also apparent in 4K quality.

4K 60p recording in XAVC Long GOP format

PXW-Z190 offers 4K 60p recording in XAVC Long GOP format, which is at 150Mbps bitrate, both good in quality and file size efficiency. The PXW-Z190 also provides various recording modes other than 4K 60 including XAVC Long GOP in HD modes which will offer 422 10bit quality in 50/35/25Mbps modes. MPEG recording capability will also be available with the optional license CBKZ-SLMP*.

*Version 2.0 firmware is needed to use CBKZ-SLMP. Version 2.0 firmware is planned to be released in December.

25x optical zoom Sony G Lens with 28.8mm wide angle

25x optical zoom and 28.8mm wide end covers such a wide focal range that it covers almost any shooting requirement.

Electronic Variable ND filter

Unlike a conventional optical ND filter, the Variable Electronic ND filter on the PXW-Z190 can be seamlessly controlled within a range of 1/4 to 1/128ND. The creative features allows you to maintain an iris, shutter, or depth of field while the Variable Electronic NF filter dynamically compensates for lighting changes. This feature is much less image intrusive than automatic gain or shutter controls for maintaining exposure.

Dual SD card slots for affordable but efficient workflow

On the PXW-Z190 everything will be recorded onto affordable SD cards. PXW-Z190 is equipped with dual SD card slots offering choices of backup recording.

Backup recording mode will offer simultaneous recording onto both SD cards with one trigger. On the other hand, Independent trigger mode will allow the Rec button on the grip to trigger one slot and the Rec button on the handle to trigger the other slot. 4K / HD simultaneous recording will become available with CBKZ-SLMP license offering 4K recording in XAVC Long GOP and HD recording in MPEG2.

*Version 2.0 firmware is needed to use CBKZ-SLMP. Version 2.0 firmware is planned to be released in December.

Instant HDR workflow w/ HLG

With the ability to reproduce images from deep shadows to piercing highlights, 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) televisions are sweeping the market and demand for HDR production is booming. While broadcasters recognize the benefits of HDR, they still need to deliver content quickly and effectively. The PXW-Z190 meets this demand with Sony’s Instant HDR workflow. Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) recording captures HDR, yet plays back beautifully on both HDR and conventional monitors and televisions. There’s no need to devote extra time to post-production work and color grading.

High Sensitivity mode

High Sensitivity mode is a mode that’s enhances the default sensitivity by Gain adjustment. It will allow users to shoot under low light conditions.

Optional MPEG HD Licenses

The Optional CBKZ-SLMP* MPEG HD Upgrade License provides additional recording capabilities:

MPEG HD422 50Mbps recording

o 1920×1080 at 59.94i/50i/29.97p/25p/23. 98p, and 1280×720 at 59.94p/50p.

MPEG HD420 35Mbps recording 1920×1080 at 59.94i/50i/29.97p/25p/23.98p, 1440×1080 at 59.94i/50i, and 1280×720 at 59.94p/50p.

Additionally, 4K / HD simultaneous recording will also become capable with the use of CBKZ-SLMP*.

*Version 2.0 firmware is needed to use CBKZ-SLMP. Version 2.0 firmware is planned to be released in December.

2.4/5 GHz WiFi networking with support for XDCAM air production system

The PXW-Z190 is equipped with a builtin 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi. It will allow remote control and monitoring using the Sony’s free Content Browser Mobile app (requires iOS 9.0 – 10.3 or Android 4.4 – 7.1 operating system). You can even connect compatible devices with onetouch NFC authentication. With the Optional CBKZ-SLNW1

*Network License will provide additional network related features. Live streaming capability with Non-QoS regular MPEG TS will become available on top of Sony QoS streaming to XDCAM air. The license will also allow additional connections such as RJ45 terminal and USB modem usage. Using the USB modems, a feature called Dual Link streaming will be added as well. Dual Link streaming will utilize two sets of USB modems to stream audio and video streams in a much higher bitrate and in a more robust way. This Dual Link Streaming will only be available for XDCAM air and PWS-100RX1PWS- 110RX1 as the receiver.

Simple Live Solution when combined with MCX- 500 Live Producer and RM-30BP Remote

The PXW-Z190 works seamlessly with the MCX-500 and RM-30BP remote to form a cost-effective Live Production System. A Tally indicator will automatically appear on each camera’s LCD panel and viewfinder. A red icon indicates when the shot is live (PGM) while Green indicates preview mode (NEXT). Also newly on the PXW-Z190, the front and rear tally lamp on the camera will also blink to indicate the shot is live, allowing indication for both the operator and talent. The MCX-500 supports mixing between eight video sources, four stereo embedded audio channels plus two XLR Inputs, and a dedicated Title Input. . There are both internal recording and live streaming via Ustream, Facebook Live and YouTube Live. (Facebook Live and YouTube Live require V2.0 firmware.)