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Sony PDBK202

Call for price

MPEG Transport Stream Option Board for PDW-HR1, PDW-HR1/MK1, and Professional Media Station Products (XDS-1000, XDS-PD1000, and XDS-PD2000)

The MPEG transport stream option board activates the DVB-ASI Output connector at the rear of the PDW-HR1 deck
The transport stream bitrate can be independently set to enable the deck to output a lower data rate transport stream over DVB-ASI while recording the highest quality video on disc or SxS card
Outputs a 4:2:0 MP@HL MPEG-2 stream at video data rates starting from 15 – 43.25 Mbps
In 1080i mode, a 1440×1080 resolution stream will be output when the video bitrate is set to less than 35 Mbps. At video bitrates 35 Mbps or above, a 1920×1080 resolution may be selected
Program/service number, video, audio, and PMT PIDs can be configured for use in multiprogram transport stream applications where PID remapping is not available