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Sony PAM200

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Suspension mount for C Series, DX10, DX11, DX15, MX20, MX25, E & T Series

Height Adjustable from 9′ – 12′

Height Adjustable
The PAM-200 projector mount is height adjustable from 9 – 12 inches to help achieve the perfect viewing height.

MagnaGuide Technology
The PAM-200 features MagnaGuide Technology which assists the installer with quicker installation times and peace of mind.

Applicable Models
VPL-CX61, CX100, CX120, CX125,CX76, CX86, CX150, CX155, CW125, DX10, DX11, DX15, ES4, EX4, ES5, EX5, EX50, ES7, EW5, EX7, EX70, MX20, MX25, TX7, TX70